Goodness Gracious!

I finally got around to “G”! HUZZAH! Sorry peeps, had lots of stuff in SL to finish and been feeling a lil under the weather in RL and THEN SL would NOT work at ALL, had to reinstall, reboot, regain calm etc etc… but here I am in all my “G” glory!

G was a bit of a hard one, shoe wise and I will share my shoes with you at the end, but I pretty much threw together this look fast and I think most of the bits actually mesh fine!


The hair, once again, is from ETD and is the massively popular “no bangs” style Gwen! I don’t go for hair without bangs normally, in SL or out, I like to cover my eyebrows, that way I don’t have to worry when I look like the wild woman from Borneo 😛 Gwen was actually one of only *two* hairs I could find in my inventory beginning with a “G”, that’ll teach me for packing stuff away, huh? 😛 As you can see it’s got a slight quiff to the front, and a long, flowing pony! Sexy and modern.

The skin is from Sin Skins Ton Visage line, and is the Bisque Sakura Glam, I don’t acutally know which frigging way round that’s sposed to go, but the make-ups a G, so that’ll do. I do love the softness of Sin Skins, and I have the add-ons for push ups, but rarely use them as I find they make my cleavage look a bit “dirty” :O! It’s a pretty heavily made-up face, with crimson and black, but it’s not drag queenish, so it’s all gravy!

Eyes! Just plain ol’ CS Optics – Gray. I don’t usually wear Gray eyes, as I imagine they will just look like my eyeballs aren’t rezzing, but I kinda like these! I don’t think they look typically “Gray” as I think Gray = Dull, and these are far from dull!

The outfit, ohhh the outfit! The top is by Devilish Cupcake and depicts my current mood to a TEE! The Grumpy Tank comes in various colours and a fatpack, I chose the “Ashtray” colour, as I think Gray = Grumpy too! 😛 Devilish Cupcake are not a “huge” name that you hear of daily, but they make some AWESOME stuff, and this tank is just one of the basics!!!

The pants I found in the depths of my inventory and are from Canimal. The Grungy Plaid Pants come in several colours, orange being the ones I chose for this look, perfectly dark and dingy, pair with a skateboard and you can give Avril a run for her money 😛

The only accessorie I chose to wear was a pair of Earrings from Artilleri. The Glitter Love Earrings are a pair of my all time fav Earrings, even if I don’t normally *do* Earrings! They dangle, they glitter and they are made from cute sculpty hearts, what more could you want?! They come in a variety of colours, and my actual best loved are the 1984 pair, but they didn’t match my pants, so :P.

Finally, the Pièce de résistance:


YES! Don’t they match my outfit PERFECTLY!? My Gator Slippers! I don’t actually know if the store still stands in SL, but i’ve linked it at the bottom anyway, but HELLO… what beats Gator Slippers with this kind of look? Maybe my KCD Gabby’s would have made a better match but when choosing shoes, slippers won over both stiletto boots and kitten heels, sue me for starting a new fashion trend, I COMMAND YOU! 😛

Ok, what else with “G”?  I have a “G” I could talk about, and I even made up a fab word for it also beginning with a “G” that makes me LAWL everytime I type/say it, but I think it’s an offence to waste pixels, so I won’t 😛

G for me = “Goals”, and I have many many goals, most of which are family orientated and I won’t get into, but one “Goal” I do have, that begins with a “G” is “Guitar”.  Yes, one of my biggest goals, and most likely for me NOT to achieve, is to learn to play “Freebird” on the Guitar.   Sad, but true!

Sorry it’s been a bit of a jumble and a rush folks, but I wanted to blog again before my blog sunk into the depths of another broken and forgotten blog. I will return SOONER this time, with “H”!

Lubbles and Huggles ❤


CS – Lashes – Vogue – Size 1
CS – Optics – Natural Series – Gray

ETD – Gwen – Caramel

Sin Skins – Ton Visage – Bisque Sakura – Glam

Artillieri – Glitter Love Earrings – Fire
Canimal – Grungy Plaid Pants – Orange
Devilish Cupcake – Grumpy Tank – Ashtray
Kritterz Slipperz – Gator Slippers

6 thoughts on “Goodness Gracious!

  1. Those slippers are awesome and totally you *giggles*

    I also want to know what the G is cos I’m thinking goatse here!

    p.s. I will teach you freebird for chocolate

  2. I’m *so* glad my slippers are a hit 😛

    Kitty, not Goatse, might as well be though it’s on the same grossness level! 😛

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Freebird, for chocolate? That is a deal!

  3. Whats Gross .. I am losted =(
    those slippers are awesome, and they arent fake Willis just stepped on two alligators… I know hardcore!

  4. *humps teh willers cuz i cannnnnnnnn and it’s funnnnnnnnn*…..HEY! stop touchin me there! that’s a no-no spot!
    Lovin ya new blog girly. Is mucho purtyful, just like youuuuuuuuu. I miss ya! *pulls yer hair* “gimme them earrings!”

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