Skins and Skinkie!

You might wonder wtf i’m on about lol, but another 2 parter here… first part SKINS, second part SKINKIE! (Flirt).

Roberta Beauchamp of Wax Poetic just released her Halloween Skins, now they might not be everyones cup of tea and I only purchased one full skin although I almost bought the fatpack but I HAVE to stop spending so much, so I put on a brave face and bought the one I knew i’d wear again!   There are 9 skins, all at $L400 each or $L3000 for the fatpack.   There are four tones available and I have shown the third tone, so there are 2 lighter and 1 darker!

I’ll do them in waves of three:

Halloween Skins

Halloween Skins

From left to right we have Junglecat, Aquamini and Miss Kitty!  Miss Kitty is the full one I purchased as you can see the others have the DEMO stamp on their cheeks 😛   I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Kitty one, although I am tempted to go back and get Junglecat.. hmmmmm.

Halloween Skins.. MORE!

Halloween Skins.. MORE!

Here you can see Candy Skull, Mrs Frankenstein and Dollface!   I am also tempted to go back and get Candy Skull, I freakin’ LOVE IT, but it’s not really a skin i’d wear past Halloween unless I wanted to take pics and I MUST NOT shove things in my inventory like candy into my fat face, NO!   I think Dollface is really pretty too, in a Doll way 😀

Halloween Skins... AGAIN

Halloween Skins... AGAIN

Finally we have Robotronic, Undead and Apollo.   Robotronic is very interesting, it’d be nice to see a full skin like this and Undead was super tempting, but I have a couple skins like this already and Apollo is GOIGEOUS, but i’m not sure where i’d wear it 😦  Damn I need infinite bloody lindens! GRRRR.

All the skins are based on Eloh’s Another Skin Mods and have an awesomely shaded body that I totally forgot to snap but hey, there are demos, so you should go see!

Wax Poetic at Mischief Cove!

Next up is Skinkie from Flirt, she recently sent me (and very kindly so!) some review copies, and here they are:

~flirt~ – SLURL

~flirt~ sell many many lovely things, although I must admit i’m not really a Jewellery kinda gal, I wear basics and not very often.  Not all options are shown in the pictures but they ARE listed below (ganked from the ~flirt~ Blog! Where incidently, you can find more and probably better pics.)  I must say one thing that really impressed me with ~flirt~ is that some of the posters have the ARC details on, nice to know if you’re goin to buy something with 1324345234 ARC 😀

Tiffany - FLIRT

Tiffany - FLIRT

Tiffany is a GORGEOUS set, the detail in it is AMAZING and I don’t think i’ve ever in my whole Slife seen such a gorgeous Diamond texture as this, honestly.   I love the colour of the Ruby it’s very precise and clear as crystal, they really do look genuine (as genuine as pixels/prims get :P).   I might actually go and purchase the necklace in Diamond, infact I might purchase ALL the necklaces available.  There is also NO bling in these babies, isn’t that great 😀   Overall I think all I can say about these are OMFG GORGEOUS! SRSLY!

Tiffany – available in Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire (shown in Ruby)

~flirt~ Tiffany Bracelet: 400 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Necklace: 700 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Double Strand Necklace: 1000 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Drop Earrings: 450 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Pendant: 1000 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Ring: 700 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Stud Earrings: 350 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Set: 3000 L$ (1600 L$ rebate compared to single items)



Now, I have to admit, FRAGILE! wouldn’t be my thing to purchase, it’s lovely… yes, it’s perfectly crafted… yes!  It’s Willis? No.   It’s far more modern than i’d go for in either life, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great.. it might match YOU perfectly!  They are a bit dramatic, but the idea behind the pieces are genius.. taken from the Flirt blog: FRAGILE! represents our innermost self and how we choose to display it to the outside world. Oftentimes our core is tender, easily broken, sensitive. We choose either to display this and risk damage, or to protect it, sheathing it from harm, but also covering it’s reflective beauty.

There are OODLES of choices for FRAGILE, only a couple shown above, and like I said they are perfectly crafted and they are definately worth a look at!  There are demos at the ~flirt~ store so you can try them all on!


~flirt~ FRAGILE! Bangle v2[Resize] 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Chunky Bangle[Resize](ARC43) 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Disc Bangle[Resize](ARC48) 150 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Disc Earrings [ARC29] 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Earrings [ARC82] 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Glass Disc Earrings [ARC66] 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Predictable Necklace [Resize](ARC255) 500 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Split By Glass Bangle[Resize](ARC39) 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Split Glass Bangle[Resize](ARC79) 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Swayed Necklace[Resize](ARC255) 500 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Twisted Bangle[Resize](ARC83) 150 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Twisted Glass Bangle[Resize](ARC83) 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Unpredictable Necklace[Resize](ARC255) 500 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Everything Pack 2,900 L$ (500 L$ rebate compared to single items)

So YEAH, again.. GO FETCH!

3 thoughts on “Skins and Skinkie!

  1. Aren’t those skins gorgeous?! I HAD to get Dollface, Miss Kitty, and the Candy Skull… although not sure where I’ll wear em! Guess I’ll have to find a reason! Gorgeous, Willis 😀

  2. There is a freebie skin from some place that has that same kinda weird mexican skull style paint on the face. Remind me to LM you where to get it. I thought it was wicked cute for a freebie.


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