I dunno what ideas I had about Steampunk, i’m competely tarded and know nothing about it at all, but I never imagined to find such awesome clothing as this in a “steampunk” store! I am in LOVE! I have been to League before, a long time ago and purchased a few bits and bobs, but when Arbs took me back and I had a proper look, I was gobsmacked and I think I bought almost teh entire store and made a HUGE dent in my Linden Balance! DAMMIT!

One of the first things that caught my eye was the outfit i’m wearing below….


It’s a set called Steampunk Apocolypse v.2 and it comes with sooooooooo many pieces, not all are shown here… mainly because I forgot to change and then of course SL kicked everyone out and now my inventory is missing… but it also has a bolero top and prim attachments and other lil bits.

The one thing I was disappointed in with the outfit is that it came with the legwarmers but no boots, but FEAR NOT, I put on the boots I got with another outfit, well the base of them anyway, and that worked just as well! I have been DYING to wear my Nature hair from Magika forEVER now.. but with leaves in it it’s not really a regular everyday hair (i’m anal.. sorry!) but when I saw this outfit had leaves woven into all the lil bits I was like OH EM GEE *digs for hair* and I think it actually matches quite well, no?


Arbs also took me to Milk Motion, again i’ve been there before but BLAH shopping on my own I get bored and wander off, but i’m glad she took me back, I purchased the Alice skin.. I’m not overly keen on the body shading, as you can see my cleavage looks powder white compared to the rest, but I do love the face, I think it’s really cute looking without being overly realistic. There were demos and I did try them this time, but I fell in love with the face, so body shading be damned, it’s not like I get naked anyway.

Overall it was an expensive but FUN shopping trip and I do love our weekly shops! It’s been a short blog post, but hey… I stepped down from my blogger step a while ago and my legs just aren’t long enough to reach the heights that bloggers have shot to (lulz), but I try :D. Another one comin’ soon to a blog near YOU!


Detour – Icey – Blue (Dark Sclera)

Magika – Nature – Blonde B

Milk Motion – Alice – Nude – Freckles

League -Steampunk Apocolypse v.2
League – Woolstrapped Stomper Wedge Boot (part of outfit)
Sense – Black Kitty Ears w/Fishbones
Deeks – Piercings (various modded together)
Form – Henkei Tattoo

One thought on “Steampunk?!

  1. Cuteness!!! Oh yeah, League is indeed dangerous… he he. Hope you don’t mind me linking this to my blog! ^_^ – Stacia

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