A Few of my Fav Things.. PART TROIS!

I know, I slack of late but hey what can I say, i’m having fun 🙂  I have collected a lot of stuff over the last week or so though, some stuff I didn’t even realise I had (sorry ana!) but i’m here now to quickly share them with you!

I hope you likes ❤

Ana Lu has released a bunch of new poses, below are just a tiny selection of what Ana offers and I think I can safely say she’s edging her way onto the poses market nicely!  Well done, Ana.   Go along to her store and just take a peek, you never know, you might buy more than you mean to 😛

Ana Lu Poses

Bebae have released a new skin, the Delilah doesn’t differ much from the other Bebae skins but I find the lips a lot less pouty on me which is a bonus 😀    I love the body shading, it’s not too drastic or harsh and the face is just simply bloody adorable!  Shown in the tone Cinna here it’s available in many tones and several makesup to boot!

Bebae Delilah

Toast has graced us all again with some gorgeous hand drawn beautifullness but this time.. in skins and hair!   The hair you can see in the pic is from Toast and is the Shoelaces hair, I think you can see why!   I am in LOVE with her texturing and this hair! I hope we see more soon, and it’s  a mere $L350 for a hair pack with over a handful of colours!! YAY!

The skins are also available in a handful of tones, shown here is the “Bird Skin” tone and just three of the many makeups available, but I couldn’t resist them, I think I look rather hand-drawingly gorgeous!   The other makeups are lovely although they have different brows that just didn’t look good on me, but that doesn’t mean they won’t on you, go see!

Toast - Bird Skin and Shoelaces Hair

Truth has released MORE new hair, does this an EVER stop?? I think we can all safely assume NO!    This time there were 4 new releases:  Angelina, Carissa, Sai and Willow II as you can see below.   They are all extremely gorgeous and I dunno how he does it!   I particularly love the Willow II (as I would :P) and if you didn’t like the original Willow with the streaks, nows you’re chance to get it!   Carissa is another firm fav of mine.  Keep it up, Truth you big dorkus! ❤ (PS sorry about the grey corner on this pic, i dunno what happened, I’ll fix that asap)

Truth New Hair

UncleWeb Studios have reopened!  Not that i’d know if it wasn’t for Arbel (curse her and her making me beautiful!).  There are many styles to choose from, these just being a few!   All hairs only cost $L190 and come with a choice of 2 different styles, some slightly differ with just bangs, others more so!   I think this is a hair store I am going to fall in love with and OH MY GOD, I cannot afford to!

Uncleweb Studios - Hair1

Tuli released a “Deck” Exclusive at.. wait for it.. THE DECK!  It comes in one makeup and three tones, this being the lightest.   The lips on my AV would need a little tweaking as they are a lil puffy but I love the skin and the makeup totally!

Tuli Deck Exclusive

Exile have ALSO been releasing new hair (OMG YOU PPL! *shakes a poor fist*) with three new styles!  On the left is Dominique, Laynie in the middle and Rosalie at the end.    Dominique comes with a band and is a gorgeously bedheddy style, Laynie is a charity style that you can check out details for at the store and is a lovely up do with a braid and Rosalie comes with 2 sets of sunglasses, one you can wear on your head and one on your face, someone wants to start summer, don’t they?!


Riddle released a new dress I fell in love with so I had to include that.  It’s the Candy Kisses Dress, shown here in Lime available in many more colours.   It’s the perfect dress to start summer, light and airy with a hint of cute and a smidgen of sexy!

Riddle Candy Kisses

Finally we come to the new Doll hair from Magika, gloriously puffy and curly is this hair!  The pic on the left was taken while I was moving… so you can get a feel of how it flows!  It won’t be a style I wear daily but I think it could look rad in certain pics! YAY!

Magika Doll

So… *BREATHES* that’s it for now!  SLURLS can be found below… GO SPEND!


Toast Bard
Tuli at The Deck

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  1. LAWD! Someone help this girl, she’s officially diagnosed with BBD (Binge Blog Disorder) ❤

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