Juicybomb – Newbie Challenge II!

I decided I’d try the Newbie Challenge II from Gogo over at Juicybomb!  You can find all the details in her post here: Newbie Challenge II.

The basic rules are: You have $L550 to spend on making your AV pretty, from scratch.. with a few other rule throw in, read the post if you haven’t already done so!

Anyway, I started with my own shape but put on a ruth av and built from there… here is what I came up with, with the costs throw in too! Was a fun challenge, what are we doing next?!

Juicybomb - Newbie Challenge II

Shape – MINE – Made it myself so FREE – $L0

Skin – *YS & YS*- Ginevra Winter TDR Preview (includes lashes) – $L70

Hair – Exile – Tabitha – TDR – $L60

Eyes – A&M – Human Eyes V.2 – Rare  – $L40

Dress – Cool Beans – Beloved Dress – Patches – $L50 – (Closing Down Sale)

Shoes – justB /platform stilettos  – Wheat – $L185(fatpack purchase) – (Closing Down Sale)

Grand Total for entire look: $L335 and that was WITH a fatpack of shoes!


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