About Me!


I am Willis, or Willow Zander, or… that girl.. whichever you would prefer!

I have been a resident in SL since 22nd May 2004!  I have been blogging nearly all of that time, give or take a few months, I have blogged for different fashion blogs (all long deceased!) but I love blogging on my own blog the most.  It’s where I feel comfy, it’s home.

I like to think of myself as fun, quirky, witty, sarcastic… down to earth… normal… other words! UNBOXABLE! I guess my style is casual really, but I love to play dress up.

I also make pose for *Frooti, who knows how long that will last, blogging is my main passion within SL 🙂

Please do feel free to poke me in world, or email me at willow-dot-zander-at-gmail-dot-com!


9 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hey Willoq, you are like a shopping expert and I have no way to message you I can’t even get into SL right now because of the log-in issues but can you tell me if you know (since the author never replies) what shirt this might be in the photo, and where to get it or who made it http://iheartsl.com/2009/06/19/hair-fair-09-exile/#comment-7398

    You usually know all the stuff in SL. This band I am in that plays live in SL this coming weekend, and I’d like to grab that top if you can help!? PLEAZE

  2. aww come on some one must know. the person in the pick is being greedy with information =(

  3. Hi there, I’m very curious to know what program you are using to design and create these stunning looks & styles? I would defenitely like to try doing stuff like this myself. I just love everything you’ve got on here!

  4. btw you shouldn’t be a hermit, you used to have the best blog for sl. you still deserve too. right now all we have are a bunch of generic ones out there with no style like yours.

  5. Aww that’s very kind of you! Blogging is and always has been my main sl hobby and there are so many fantastic blogs out there with some hugely talented people behind them, I am not, nor will ever be the best, but I try my hardest and that’s what counts, right? Thank you for your kind words ❤

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