This Sh!t is Bananas!

This Sh!t is Bananas!

B-A-N-A-N-A-S!   I love this shirt from Baiastice @ Collabor88 and I love the colour more! Isn’t it gorgeous, it comes in sheer and not so sheer, so you can have your modesty.. or not.   I tried to base my look around this piece, and I went for a bit of a yellowteal-a-thon!   I am also in LOVE with these hand tattoos from Moon Amore, they will at Cosmetics Fairs new round, and they are OCTOPY!!!!   They come in options too like ink, faded, colour, white and for Slink and Maitreya! WEEEE!

Loving mah look ❤


Hair: Chemistry | Amelia
Skin: MUDSKIN | Renee | Cosmo1_E10_PinkyTan *Cosmopolitan Room*
Eyes: ID | Intense | Brown
Top: Baiastice | Gina Blouse Sheer | Mimosa *C88*
Pants: Baiastice | Vigo High Waist Shorts Z| Mint *C88*
Shoes: KC | Tanika

Av Enhancements
Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink | High
Lips: PXL | SweetLips V2 (with MUDSKIN applier)
Ears: Mandala | Steking Ears | Season 5
Hand Tattoos: Moon Amore | Octopy *Cosmetic Fair – May 15*

Pose: !bang

LoTD 30/09/13

Hi Errrrbody!  Another quick Look of the Day post here! YAY!

LoTD 30/09/13

My look is mostly made up from Event goodies again!  The main piece is the VinCue Luid Dress which is out for The Boobies Show birthday event!    A gorgeous little poofy number that comes in oooooodles of colours combos and gorgeous patterns, and of course each dress comes with Tango applliers!  I have shown the Raven colour, but I think my fave has to be Kiwi!!  Each dress  comes with leggings you can wear too, but I opted to wear these stockings from My Attic from Stellar, as I wanted to add a pop of colour.  They are made to be SLink stockings to use with your footsies, but I thought I’d wear them like leggings, I think it works!      I paired them with the super super SUPER sexy and cute lace booties from Lassitude & Ennui which fit the SLink Mid feet too! OH EM GEE, such cute booooooties!   To finish off my look I wear the new Chemistry Hair (it comes with a flower too) and there are LOADS of new colours in the HUDS, scoooore… my TDR Fusion skin from Akeruka and one of the gorgeous Leaves necklaces from Izzies in Autumn!   They come with earrings and in so many options for colours!    Eyes are from IKON and pose from Frooti ❤

LoTD 30/09/13 - Up Close and Personal

Full Credits – SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Hair:  Chemistry | Tamora
Eyes:  IKON | Ascension Eyes | Oxidation
Skin:  Akeruka | Betta | Natural MK *TDR*
Dress:  VinCue | Luid Dress | Raven *The Boobies Show*
Necklace:  Izzie’s | Leaves Necklace | Autumn
Leggings:  Stellar | In Bloom | Maroon *My Attic*
Feet:  SLink | AvEnhance | Mid
Shoes:  Lassitude & Ennui | Alisha Lace Booties | Black

Grab yourself a shower…

It’s hot.. it’s sticky… it’s THE HOME SHOW. Yep, another home show post, yayyyy!

Botanical - Beach Shower @ The Home Show

Botanical have this lovely beach shower out there, and it’s stunning.  A really simple piece really, but so well made and textured!  The only gripe I had is that my sand at home didn’t match the sand on the shower (yep, that little mound of sand is attached), but I soon fixed that by making it look like a little island shower 😀 .   It comes loaded with poses both singles and couples, and you can choose whether you want an Adult or PG version, obviously both have their benefits dependent on what you want!

Close-ups of Botanicals Beach Shower @ The Home Show

The water turns on and off, it’s on in the picture but it’s a very fine shower of water, so you probably can’t see it all that well, looks great in person though.    I’ve taken a composite shot of a few of the features of the shower including, the pallet slat style base, the mirros, the loofah, the towel and the shower head itself.   It’s a really fun, cute piece and a great addition to any beach! YAY!

Coming Soon… to an event near YOU..

HI!   This event I am blogging about doesn’t run until 5th of July, but I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures because I squee’d loudly when I got the items and danced a little jig!  Mes Brics à Bracs is a new event, it only started in June but it’s already proven to be popular (at least with me) and it’s an accessories event, so thats nice!

Coming soon from VinCue!

The stonkingly cute headbands and bows will be available from VinCue and OH EM GEE, aren’t they CUTE?     I thought i’d take some dorky face shots with mine!  As you can see there are four animals to choose from:  Giraffe, Bear, Panda and Kitty!  There are ten colour combo options for Bear and Panda, six for Kitty and four for Giraffe and those four are RARES (gacha, anyone?!)   You don’t have to wear the bows and ears together, they come as separate items so you can mix and match if you get more than one, and even wear with outfits!  Well obviously you know that, you guys are smart!

I really love the Giraffe ones, well I love them ALL, but particularly those.  The event looks to be amazing this time, as it was last time, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thank FOOK it’s Friday!

I don’t know why, but I am glad it’s Friday today, it’s a day closer to the weekend but then it’s also a day closer to Monday, BOO!  A few newish bits here for you, as well as a special offer today for Fi*Friday!

M.I.A.B for FiFriday!

These gorgeous earrings are available today from M.I.A.B for Fi*Friday!  YESSSS, gorgeous, cheap goodies!   They are some big chunky assed earrings in the most lovely color combos… they certainly quench the cute thirst in me!  Scripted to change to five different colour combinations, these bad boys (or girls) look great, they are oversized and in your face in the bestest of ways!  So pop them in, grab a bikini, or some shorts, or even a summery dress and go forth and amaze everyone with how cute you are!   (Hair by Chemistry, Skin by Glam Affair, Eyes by IKON)

New Swimwear @ ColdLogic!

Released just a week or so ago were a bunch of swimsuits by the gorgeous coldLogic team!   Boy, what a choice we have!   I am never really sold on mesh swimwear or underwear, I find it just doesn’t fit great to my shape, and I refuse to conform too much!  But the perfect combo was found here with an M top and an S bottom, which I was very happy with!   There are four styles and 2 styles within each style, so a total of 8 (that’s a lot of the world style in there, isn’t it?).   You can get a nice comfy boob tube style, a halter neck style, a one strap to the side style and a regular style… (again with the styles, sorry).   Each different set has their own texture, colour, difference going on.   I don’t think I have a particular fave here, although I am partial to the bottom right, and the lime one next to it!  I think they are super cute, and plus Lime is one of my fave colours 😀 (Skin by Glam Affair, Poses by Frooti, Hair by Magika)

Make sure you check them out and get your booty on for the beach.

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available.

Sunday’s Post

Hi, it’s been a funny old few days, but I took these and wanted to share! I am so behind on blogging, but when rl gets busy, it happens! I hope you enjoy what I have to show you 🙂

LoTD - Sunday Stylee

I wanted to look cute.. and casual today, but also kinda sexy.   So what better than some skinny leather pants coupled with cute sneakers and a cuter top!?   I love these tucked tanks from Tee*fy, they work just fine with high rise waists or ones like these, it doesn’t look odd ever with hipsters!    To make the look as perfect as possible, I chose a hair that comes with a Beanie.  This Lyric hair from Chemistry comes on it’s own, but you get a pack of Beanies in various colours to go with, as yellow is one of my faves, I *had* to choose Mustard!   I really love this look, it’s so cuteeeee! Even if I do say so myself 😀

The skin I am wearing, as well as the ones below (the full range shown) are the skin for Zodiac from Essences this month!  I’ve only shown three brow colours, but you can already see you get good options!  These babies come with teeth tho, they aren’t a tattoo layer they are ON the actual skin.   Essences skins are always so soft and gorgeous looking, with a flawless face and just eatable looking. Yep, EAT MY FACE. PLEASE.  That’s all for now, I’m so tired! 😦

Essences @ Zodiac

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

Hair:  Chemistry | Lyric w/Mustard Beanie
Skin:  Essences | Taurus 01 *Zodiac*
Eyes:  IKON | Sunrise | Deep Turquoise
Top:  Tee*fy | Tucked Tank | Glasses
Pants:  Maitreya | Leather Skinny Pants | Paynes Grey
Shoes:  COCO | Distressed Leather Sneaker | Two Tone
Pose:  Adorkable

Half Deer @ The Arcade

It’s almost March 1st, and it’s almost upon us!  I have a little preview of Half Deers AWESOME items, you will drool and trip over yourselves to get these, srsly.

Sugar Battalion - Half Deer @ The Arcade

First off we have the Sugar Battalion! A cute little cupcake and oh em gee, they are gorgeous! They don’t do much in the way of practicallity but they are so darned cute you can’t help but fall in love. Of course I messed with the sizes of mine and made a little army, I think I may have one little bugger hidden somewhere, but you find all the details over at the Half Deer Flickr page.  So you can wear them, use them as decor.. whatever you want! But I can guarantee you will want them all.  I love mine!

Also being released are the Eternum Antlers. Half Deer to me is a shop that provides you with all your fantasy horn needs, everything is sugar coated, whimsical and just so well done it makes your jaw drop.  Here are all the ones you can get, and then a close up of some of the detail:

Half Deer @ The Arcade - Eternum Antlers - 1
Half Deer @ The Arcade - Eternum Antlers - 2
Half Deer @ The Arcade - Eternum Antlers - 3
Half Deer @ The Arcade - Close Up

There are 12 to collect, with 3 rares and all of them are stunning.  They are unrigged mesh with a resize script so you can mess around with the size if you want them smaller or bigger, but I found them just perfect!   The detail on them is stunning, with whisps of kelp and seaweed on the Mermaid ones and a cute little cupcake, star and strawberry slices on the Whimsy one.    There are studs, stars, bunting, lace… I can’t even tell you in good enough words how beautiful these items are and I predict these will be some of the top sellers this year, along with a few other things I’ve spied.   Perfect for fantasy pictures, and with all these to choose from you can probably make many a fantasy situation much much cuter with these! YAY!

I can’t wait to get my hands on all The Arcade goodies, I have a feeling my lindens are going to take a huuuuuuge whack… again.. and again… and again…

Also used in this blog, items from Belleza, IKON and Chemistry.

New @ coldLogic and more!

It’s nearly Autumn/Fall/Betterweatherforpplthatdon’tlikeheatverymuch… and coldLogic have their first “Fall” release!

There is a whole fookton of new stuff, all of it in the usual standard sizing/many colours dealio.   First up are these dress/coat/scarf combos! Yep, I say combos because you get the option in the pack to have them all worn together, or the dress on it’s own!   How cute an idea is that?!   I have opted for showing you one with the full shebang, the other with just the dress.  SQUEE! I love this idea!  Now, just to get that coat and scarf separately too (I KID ZYRRA OHLORDGODOFTHEWORLD DON’T KILL ME)

New @ coldLogic

Hair | Elikatira – Skin | MONS (VIP gift – GO GET)

Next we have two super cute dress/cardigan type jobbies!  I love these because I love love LOVE seeing people being dressed up with oversized cardigans and such in RL, I can’t pull cardis off, I look like a dollap of fat coated wool.. so I will live vicariously in SL through these babies!  Perfectly scalloped edges for that falling perfectly over your boobs and hips look.  These ooze sex appeal in the cutest way!  Also in this picture is the new LOQ hair on the right, Rum!!  You must check that out also.  It’s rigged mesh and comes in 25 awesome colours!

New @ coldLogic

Hair | LOQ – Skin | Belleza ** Atomic

Next up a top/cardigan combo but a shorter one, and I paired that with one of the two pleat skirts available!  The top is another cute layered look with cowl neck feel to it (took me 5 mins to remember the word cowl, must be late lol) and it fits perfectly in with the skirts!  The other is a cute slouchy/casual sweater, and I paired that with the plain (no gingham hem at the bottom) pleated skirt!   CUTE CUTE… will look FABULOUS with Jeans (HIZYRRAHI).

New @ coldLogic

Hair | Lamb – Skin | YS&YS ** Lara Hurley

Neck we have a little waistcoat number with turtlecowlneck top underneath, again pairing up with either skirt works, I opted for the pattnered one again with this combo!  A perfect look for casual smart office workers, you know you want to RP some of that in SL, srsly.   Also another version of the cute aforementioned sweater!   Love this with the different colour neck/cuffs.   Really must get some jeans with that (COUGHZYRRAAGAINHI).

New @ coldLogic

Hair | Chemistry – Skin | LAQ ** Curio

Finally! Another shirt/cardigan combo but this time in a zesty lime stripe!  Of course there are other stripes, don’t let my limeness put you off!   and a nother Waistcoat/shirt combo, this time another stripey dealio!  Paired them both with the plain pleated skirt for a cute look, but also so if anyone wants to upskirt me they can, although they won’t get far because I’ve got the fade to black stockings on. MUAHAHAHAH!

New @ coldLogic

Hair | LOQ ** Red Mint – Skin | Grixdale ** Glam Affair

I wrote this post while very tired and sleep deprived, sorry if it’s utter ballcocks.

TP to coldLogic