LoTD – 10/10/13

So the new round of Collabor88 is upon us! and some stonking goodies this time, the theme is Black Magic so a lot of supernatural type goodies, just a few of them here for you today!

LoTD - 10/10/13

Both the bodysuit and boots are from R2 A/D/E and are soooooo SEXY!  I love them!!!  They come in a bunch of colours but this one stood out the most to me with it’s beige/goldy goodness, YES PLEASE!!!   So well fitting too, well to my body anyway!  Also from Collabor88 is his gorgeous windswept hair from Clawtooth, shown here in a dipped colour from one of the mini packs, but available in all the usual colours and options as well as the C88 exclusive pack, this hair is the bee’s friggin knees!   I do love me some swept looking hair, and his is a fine one to add to my growing collection, LOVE LOVE!   My skin is ALSO from C88 and is one of the 8 Glam Affair skins available, shown here in Artic but also available in Jamaica this is just one of the four in each tone and she is a beauty!   Smokey eyes, nude lips… sexy sexy!

Not from the event, but from another event – The Body Modification Expo that is upcoming, the headpiece is from Cute Poison, as are the facial piercings!  The piercings come with a HUD and changes the various bits and bobs to different yummy colours!  It’s a big old facial piercing and you will probably need to mod it, but it’s SO CUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTE! I love it!  I don’t always wear piercings, but I go to my Cute Poison folder when I feel like it fo sho!

LoTD - 10/10/13

Also worn are IKON eyes, and Mon Cheri lashes…. pose from Frooti!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page if available

An Epic LoTD!

Just a quick lil blog post today, I’ve been off mucking out Kennels at the local Animal Shelter so I am BEAT.. but I wanted a little relaxation so decided to play dress up for a bit! 😀

An Epic LoTD!

This Skeletorn Bikini is from Epic and is at this round of Perfect Wardrobe! It comes in 8 delectable colours and is fully mesh with all standard sizes!  You do get a texture bikini top too, and of course, you get mesh boob enhancers too like with most items from Epic!   Jade has done a wonderful job, and I did giggle a bit that the skull eyes are on the boobs and the mouth on the crotch, I am easily amused, no!?   Make sure you check them out while they’re at Perfect Wardrobe!  The skin I am wearing is still the Pink Fuel Ghost skin from The Arcade, and the hair is one of the rare Clawtooth Unicorn Dips that the lovely Lexi Morgan so kindly sold me!!!  I AM IN LOOOOVE!  I still need to get back to The Arcade, but my wallet is screaming at me… don’t worry, it never wins.

CIRCA @ Lavender Hill Hunt

The Lavender Hill Hunt is still going, and CIRCA provide some lovely goodies.  This Shadow Box Table and Pouffe are just lovely, the Table is so unique and I’ve included a couple of close ups of inside the box, I did try and make it bigger to live in it, but it’s no modify :P… but I zoomed and look at all the gorgeous detail!  The cute wishing well, the minute little bird and the tufts of lavender, trees and butterflies buzzing around.  The Pouffe comes with many poses, mostly sitting ones but that works well for me.   The skybox you can see me sitting in with my new goodies is from Scarlet Creative. WOO!

Ok, TV time! ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Location page, if available.

LoTD 27/12/12

Hello everyone, I trust your merry was christmas?? I won’t change it, it’s bad luck to correct yourself, right?

LoTD - 27/12/12My Christmas was wonderful, I was well and truley spoiled with an Alienware laptop that is so pretty I could cry, amongst other things, but I spent most of it along with my family having fun, playing games, being merry and… hacking up a storm.  Yep we all had the dreaded winter bug!  Thankfully the kids weren’t too bad, but it’s been a bit of a testing time for sure.  I thought my look of the day should mimic how i’ve been spending a fair few of my days this Christmas, dressed casually and with a bright red nose!   This oldie but goodie skin is from Curio and is the Winter Sniffles version, complete with rosy red cheeks and rudolph nose, it mirrors my RL face right now!   I’ve also been seen lounging about in sweat pants, a sweater and a lose top over the top because I keep going from hot to freezing.   So the Tres Blah Neato Sweatshirt paired with Apple Mays little New York Crop Sweater were perfect, especially with the Grixdale sweats (an old pair).  My hair’s about this length in RL, maybe a bit longer and I’ve been wearing it like this pretty much, except I have a full fringe in RL, so this Willows hair from Clawtooth is aptly named AND perfect.  I just tinted it a bluey/black shade to match my RL hair.  So there you have it. RL meets SL for the LoTD today.

Essences has moved (the SLURL on the Store Location Page is updated) and has a new gacha!!   There are four makeups to collect, and four sets of eyebrows, so you may have to play a few times to get the combo you desire, but all of them are super pretty and for people like that like a fuller brow, these are for you!  I really love the RARE of these skins, which are the bottom right, so pure and beautiful!  Make sure you check them out, who doesn’t like a good gacha gamble??

New @ Essences | Gacha

I always tend to be a bit all over the place with my blogs, I don’t photoshop the crap outta my pictures, I prefer them to be as they are taken so that people can see what goodies look like, they aren’t masterpieces, which allows me to blog a fair big, I see a lot of people saying they are going to aim for quality over quantity on their blogs in 2013 and I wondered if I should do the same, but I figured i’d do what I always do, which is what I feel like!  I try to blog at least once a day, of course when RL gets super busy I can’t, but I hop on SL before the kids are up in the morning, and if Mr W is studying at night, that’s what my new Alienware is for, so I can’t promise more quality, less quantity or anything for my blog, it’s just going to keep on trucking in the way it always has.. just.. whatever and I hope you continue to join me in the journey ❤

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.

I’m a Barbie Girl.. at Christmas!

..and what better to wear as a Barbie, but some Plastik clothing.. see what I did there? Hurr Hurr!  Well, The Plastik has a TON of Christmas items right now, and of course regular ones too!   There is a wall FULL of Yule goodness, and I have just six to show you, well.. a few more than that, let’s take a look:

The goodies come in a fair few textures, all of them a greeny/red colour, or at least heading that way.  There are peppermint textures, holly textures, swirls, splats.. you name it, it’s probably there.  I picked a handful of my faves to showcase!   Do you want jeans? No problem… want to wear a corset with them? NO PROBS!! Wait, you want a dress? Plastik has that covered, want a tee? That’s cool too.   The Plastik is one of those stores, imo, that is highly underated, the workmanship on these items are great, and the textures are always so crisp and wonderful!  If you want to get dressed this Christmas, in a bit of a different style, this might be the place for you!
Plastik Post - Christmas 1Plastik Post - Christmas 2Plastik Post - Christmas 3

The skin and hair I am wearing are both from this months Collabor88!  The hair is one of two Clawtooth offerings, this is one of the new dip dye textures too, SO yummy!   The skin is Glam Affair, I haven’t taken it off yet!

These are just two of the Shoes that you can get, I love love LOVE the peppermint candy ones!!!    They come with feet attached, and a HUD for you to change skintone, although there are a few presets.  I found it quite easy to match my tone just using the colour panel, so don’t fear about it being a faff!  I love the shape of these too! YAY!

Plastik Post - Shuuuz

It’s not all red, green and candy over at The Plastik, there are normal things too, as I stated!  These Misfit Skirts are just ASLDAF.   They are SO gorgeous, I really can’t praise the texturing highly enough, I took the pics with a bit of a knee tilt, so you could see that although yes, the texture stretches slightly, it still is highly useable and ready to wear and look fabulous!  These are just eight of the many, many textures you can choose from this skirt, that’s one thing about The Plastik that draws me in, everything comes in a billionty and four options!  If you walk away with just one, i’d be surprised.

Plastik Post - Misfit Skirts

Also a few things to note! Sakide is having a SALE!  Yep, read about it below:



And a reminder that Together for Sway starts on the 15th of December, the date is closing in and I just know there are going to be thousands of things you want! Read more about it here.



Winter Fair 2012!

Hello guys!  Winter is officially upon us, we even had Snow in my part of the world today.  The Winter Fair 2012 is almost upon us too, and there are a lot of goodies for you to purchase, some exclusive, some not, but I’m sure there will be at least one thing there you love and take home with you, I have just a handful to show you today:

Intrepid have a whole array of items out for you, in a whole bunch of colours!   The sets come with various items, including everything you see, clothes wise, here!   The belted cardigan is just too cute! With a great knit texture and slim waist belt, it compliments the jeans wonderfully, and each colour comes with a matching long sleeve teeshirt too.   The trenchcoat on your right is also super cute, I believe it’s a template item, as I’ve seen it before, but each one I’ve seen has it’s own spin, this chevron style texture is lovely!

Intrepid @ Winter Fair

Hair by Lamb & Clawtooth

The skin I am wearing above, and the close up below is the Winter Fair Al Vulo skin!  What a beauty!   A porcelain doll with perfect peachy lips, you also get the eyes included too, icy stare ftw!

Al Vulo @ Winter Fair

Hair by Clawtooth

I am wearing the long sleeve top from the Intrepid set with a mesh open cardigan from Dew, and with some UGG style boots from PiCHi!  The cardigan and boots both come in various colours, I just really loved the vivid red and the traditional camel style for the boots.  I wore them with some of my fave jeans ever, the Dingy jeans from fri.day!

Dew & Pichi @ Winter Fair

Hair by Magika

JeSyLiLo has at least 2 new skins there, with a gift too!   I really love the one on the left, with the subtle tears and red nose, and I really love the lips on the one on the right!  Both are gorgeous skins, a bit different but gorgeous.  I do love me some JeSyLiLo!!

JeSyLiLo @ Winter Fair

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page!

An Eventful Time!

There are still an abundance of events going on, hell, when ISN’T there an abundance of events going on!?! But some of the best ones I’ve been to are still rocking, and some of the best I have yet to go to… are almost upon us!

First a look at a few bits that are coming up for The Arcade from Sways and Pididdle!

I CANNOT. CAN.NOT with how gorgeous these items from Sway are. These Clocks might actually be some of the best items I’ve seen in SL, ever. The work that must have gone into them is mindblowing. The texturing on them is simply divine and they are the cutest things EVER!!!! There is something for everyone, I believe, that will fit into the decor of anyones room, and if not.. just get them because they are fookin’ adorbs.

Sways @ The Arcade - Coming Soon

There are 10 to collect, each with their own mini theme, moving pendulums and working time, the land impact of these babies is only 5LI too!  I’ve taken a few close up shots of the main feature of the clocks, and I can’t stop looking at it because it’s THAT pretty!!!    I imagine these will be one of the hottest swap/sought after items at The Arcade this round!

Sways @ The Arcade | Close Ups - Coming Soon

Also coming to The Arcade are these wonderful necklaces from Pididdle, you can see the whole collection here and below are a couple The Review Collective was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at!  You can see Holy Water, Silver Glitter, Some Teeth I Found and Butterfly below… I know I’ll be playing till my lindens are GONE to collect all the others especially Dust Bunnies and Last Years Winter!   They come in a cord style necklace and the jar is finished off with a cute bow as you can see, some fine work here guys.

Pididdle @ The Arcade - Coming Soon

Finally a little mini look of the day for you, just to showcase some items from ongoing events, and upcoming ones!   The skin I am wearing is the Essences With Love Hunt 2012 item and she is a beauty!  Saga – With Love ❤ is a pale pink princess, fit for a queen though!   I decided to pair her with the Eku Top from Geometry for UnhingedSL, I Digress Hair from Clawtooth still available at Collabor88 and both the Noodles Hair Clip and BeeHive Antenna from Bees Through the Seasons

Mini LoTD - Events!

I do hope you take a look at the events still going on, you can find details from events i’ve covered on my Store Locations Page along with any SLURL or blog details on them, if available!


Hair: Clawtooth | I Digress | Classic Brunette *Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: Essences | Saga Skin | With Love Top: Geometry | Eku Crop | Black *UnghingedSL*
Hair Clip: Noodles | Collect Some Honey Hair Clip | Gold *Bees Through the Seasons*
Antenna: BeeHive | Bees Antenna | Black *Bees Through the Seasons*
Pose: *Frooti

Monday Monday…

… yep, it’s MONDAY.. BOO HISS etc etc.

A couple new goodies for you today, and a lil preview.

First we have some new jumpers from Reila Skins! Obviously the store doesn’t just do skins, yayy! These are all chunky knit style longer sweaters, perfect for fall/winter and in very vibrant colours!   Wear them as dresses (like me) or pair them with pants, leggings, hell even a skirt and boots… whatever you choose to wear with them, they will make you look comfy and cozy and gorgeous!   I also wore a new JeSyLiLo skin with these, a pouty beauty in a pale porcelain wrapper, yay.   The hair is one of the 2 Collabor88 hairs from Clawtooth, rigged mesh and gorgeous as always, I particularly love the choppy bangs on this baby.

New @ Reila

Next we have the gorgeous Cullotes and Bolero set from R2, also available at Collabor88, it comes in all the painted desert colours and looks absolutely stunning.  The meshwork is amazing and the texturing matches in the amazeballs stakes, definitely some of my favourite pieces from this round, and again with the Clawtooth hair! SO PRETTY!  Also worn is a preview of the new skin from PXL, this one will be available at Around the World and the preview will come in two tones, four makeups each and various tattoo layers.

LoTD | 12/11/12 - Collabor88 Style

I have taken a quick preview snap, the skin reminds me of Kate in many ways, and I wasn’t sure it would suit me when I saw the ad, but it’s amazing what a skin can look like on a different shape, the same with a lot of skins actually, I was the same with the Jesylilo skin, the ad was lovely but not me… I wasn’t convinced it would look good, but it did!   Anyway, this skin is lovely, the shading is perfect, the brows are gorgeous, everything is as you’d expect from a PXL skin, I’m super excited for Around the World and you should be too!

PXL @ Around The World

All SLURL details are on the Store Locations Page!


C88 – September, is now open!  With the gorgeous palate I showed yesterday, there is something for everyone:

The first thing I fell in love with (out of many things) was this Mesh Kitchen Corner Set from Trompe Loeil!!   It comes with PG and Adult version option, the PG one is 29 prims and has animated counters, the Adult version includes the same, plus 6 couples (naughty) on the other side and a fridge with 2 naughty poses too!  You also get optional kitchen table and stool (animated) but I wanted to concentrate on the kitchen!  The wall clock also adjusts to your time! SWEET!  It’s self install too, which I loved.  IT IS A MUST BUY!

Trompe Loeil @ C88

I, of course, put mine in the corner of my Barnesworth Anubis skybox!  This is the C88 box for this month, and as usual, it’s perfection.  I love skyboxes, it’s my “thing”, I collect them and every now and then I rez them just to play houses (not all of them, that would be more than a sims worth of prims!).  But this is gorgeous, it’s your usual BA quality, with gorgeous textures and optional surrounding “viewpoint”, it comes with full bookcases, a gorgeous working fire and look at the built in closet?!  Love the colours and darkish wood, really contemporary and gorgeous!

BA @ C88 - 2BA @ C88 - 1

The chair you see in the above pic is one of the Arcade Gacha chairs from What Next, the Arcade is opening very soon and I expect to be spending an AWFUL lot of money there, I got a sneak peak at these chairs and all I can say is wow.  Totally awesome lil chairs with his and hers animations!   Lots of different textures for you to try and win, with just a handful below.  There will be more about The Arcade when it’s open and I can spend all my moneys!

What Next @ Arcade Gacha

I said only a couple of days ago that I fell in love with HANDverks shoes, despite my… not so fondness.. of pointy shoes, and Daphne told me I’d be disappointed as her next shoes were pointy too, but as I told her, it doesn’t matter.. because love knows no points!   These are the C88 shoes from HANDverk and wow, they are just.. mind blowing.   The shoes come with petal style back and stem for the heel, they are so dainty and beautiful and I had to take a close up pic of just a few of the colours to even remotely try and do them justice.  If you don’t buy these… you are missing out.

HANDverk @ C88

Finally this is my C88 look of the day!  The bow is from La Gyo (whose birthday it is today, guys! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) it’s colour change and it comes on a headband, it’s the biggest, cutest bow I own! The hair is one of two offerings from Clawtooth, a beautiful, messy mid/long length style.. this is the bangs option, the other is sans bangs.   The Mullet top is one of the 3 Auxiliary items, it comes in various colours and standard sizing and is just beautiful!  Flowing and long and lovely, I paired it with the FaMESHed Auxiliary Skinny Jeans just to match up!  The skin is the Auxiliary 2nd item… perfection from Ivy and Tyr, as usual.    The shoes and necklace are both HANDverk items, the necklace matches the heel of the shoe and is also a must buy, it’s ALL a must buy!!!!

LoTD 08/09/12 - C88 Style

TP to C88
Arcade Gacha, coming soon!

Hair: Clawtooth | Wave Goodbye | Coffee with Cream
Bow: La Gyo | A Girl’s Bow
Skin: Auxiliary | Love Skin | Fair | Timeless
Necklace: HANDverk | Rose Necklace | Tangerine
Top: Auxiliary | Mullet Top | Salmon
Jeans: Auxiliary | Skinny Jeans | Faded Chic
Shoes: HANDverk | Rose Pump | Butter
Pose: *Frooti

LoTD – 17/08/12

It’s been a while since I’ve done a plain old look of the day because there have been SO many great releases, but I was loving this look, so here we are!

LoTD - 17/08/12

Hair: Clawtooth | Bon Voyage | Wheat *50FLF ITEM*
Eyes: FATEeyes
Skin: Izzie’s | Estella | Nude – Lemon Eyeshadows – Nude Lips
Dress: Mon Tissu | Frock Dress | Ditsy Floral
Necklace: HANDverk | Pearl Necklace | Pink *L’Accessories*
Feet: Slink – Mesh Feet | Rigged
Pose: Adorkable Poses