*peeks in*

Hi all, I’m sorry – if you bother to read my blog, or know me, you’ll know I haven’t been around for just over a month – so if you find yourself here, hi and thanks for sticking with me!   For everyone else that doesn’t care, thanks for being here too 😀

I won’t bang on about the whys and what fors, cos well, pretty sure this blog is about SL fashion, not the person behind the blog and all that shiz!  So without further ado, stuff:

Peeks In

Head: Glam Affair | Stella
Body/Hands: Maitreya
Feet: Slink | High

Hair: Elikatira | Khloe @ The Epiphany
Skin: Swallow | Georgie Skin | Porcelaine
Underwear: Blueberry | Panties(Common)/Flirt-Bra(Rare) | Pitch @ The Epiphany
Shoes: Slackgirl | Queen Heels @ Mesh Body Addicts

Pose: Frooti

Testing Testings *taps mic*

I am blogging Starley’s new skins, for my test post. I know it’s already been done by the lovely Gillian, but.. I felt like taking pictures and I couldn’t TP from where I was, or rez anything clothes wise, so really… that’s all I could do 😀

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have to own every skin, ever.. or I used to, until I became le poor… and although I adore other skins, the ones I normally fall back to are Starleys, probably because I made my shape fit around them. And we’ve all been waiting FOREVER for new skins, thanks to SL spacking up on Starley.

But they are finally here! The Winter Skins are released, four fresh faced, wintery themed make-ups on the all loved Vogue skins! My particular fav is Winter 2 (freckles), I think it’s got a frosty, yet simplistic look too it, and let’s face it.. it’s super sexy! If you haven’t already camped out to buy them, I suggest you do, before I do and lag you all out, bwahahaha! 😛

Starley Winter Skins

Man, my blogging skills are hella rusty, so please forgive me, plus i’m on my craptop and it’s not easy using this and SL! (I know, let’s all post a blog about my excuses and diss me, eh? :P) so that is all for now, I’m sure i’ll get back into the swing of things, maybe I won’t, but all I know is that I wanted to take piccies, SO I DID!

I have no credits, because SL crashed, but I can tell you that everything I am wearing is from either CS or ETD! If that helps 😀

Man, I really *am* rusty!

Also, how the hell do you do that thing where you cut a post then post more?! I r noob 😦

EDIT: NVM, Elika helped me 😀 I notice the button named “more” now, also… >.>