The Owls are Not What They Seem.

My title today has a point.  I am going to be showcasing items from The Whore Couture Fair, now, a lot of ppl wince at the name of the event, and I can see why, but not everything there is trashy, or dripping in bodily fluids.  There are some really nice, and classy things!   The owls… (or words)… are not always as they seem (or sound).

WCF - Goodies!

The lingerie above AND the skin are both from the WCF!   The skin is a gorgeous, weeping skin from Essences.   This is the new Onagh skin, isn’t she gorgeous?? I know I should have prepared a backstory for this little line up of pictures but… alas, I lack in imagination today!   The corset set is sooooo nice, it fits perfectly with not an inch of “wasted space” between my body and the mesh itself, which I find a lot with corsets… and it comes with everything you see here, in various layering options.  This is the perfect mesh and layer clothing combo, it works so well!   The hair I am wearing is the new FaMESHed offering from Wasabi Pills! SO CUTE! As always.. a longer, over the shoulder style that oozes sex appeal, it was perfect for this snap!

Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed -  Vanity Unit


Also released at FaMESHed was a bunch of items from Trompe Loeil!   They are the perfect additions to any home.  The Vintage items simply blew me away as soon as I saw them.  First we have the Vanity Table above, complete with accessories, all of which have animations with them!  You can buy all of the items in the set in various woods/finishes and any fabrics change between a variety of options, so you have plenty of ways to mix and match your perfect set.   I tried something a little different with the picture above, I tried mirroring my image, alas it didn’t turn out as well as I wished, or well.. very mirrored at ALL, but you don’t learn if you don’t try and then I saved over the original so you had to have this one anyway.  YOU ARE SO WELCOME.

Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed -  Bath


The bathtub might be my fave item of the lot!  Shown here in Metal, but available in Brass and Ceramic too, this beauty comes with various animations and working taps.  If you click through to see a bigger picture you can make out the beginning of rising steam around the tap, and of course see the water itself!  There are 6 pg and 20 Adult anims in the adult versions, so they are more costly than the PG but whatever you choose you won’t be disappointed, I can be sure of that.
Trompe Loeil @ FaMESHed -  Sink & Mirror

The final items in the collection are this Vintage Sink, available in matching woods to the other items and with working water and animations and the mirror, which comes in a pack of 3!  All of the items are well worth their money and they are all just divine.   FaMESHed has always been one of the best events on the grid with so much goodness to offer, you’ll be seeing more items from me soon!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available

New @ Prism!

Hi guys!

Prism recently released a buttload of new items!  They are all from the “Flanagan” Range, which is a gorgeous, homely, autumunous (it’s a word, don’t check.. IT IS) collection of goodies.  There are OODLES of pieces in the range for you to mix and match to your hearts content.

I have done a couple of collages to try and show case as many pieces as possible but I have by no means snapped them all!

New @ Prism 2

The Grandfather Clock might be my favourite piece, the workmanship on it and detail are simply amazing.   It also works, which is a bonus!   The decor is maybe not something you will find in every SL furniture shop, it’s classic, timeless pieces like the old wireless radio, candlesticks atop the roaring fire and beautiful cameo style vases.

Another fav piece of mine has to be the Bonsai Garden that I placed on the centre table, it’s lovely and just adds that perfect ambience to the whole room.  It’s the little details in the items that make me smile, from the studs on the chairs/loungers to the glass on the clock, the cameo detailing on the vases to the flawless textures on the runners that adorn the fireplace, foostool and table, Lilly does amazing work on her pieces and these are exquisite!   Remember I haven’t shown everything and you can find a link to the Prism blog under the Store Locations page, which showcases the full range.  I don’t know about you but I feel terribly cozy just looking at these pictures!

New @ Prism

The house in the pictures is by Funky Junk and all SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page at the top of the blog ❤

LoTD 30/08/12 and more!


Today I am blogging my LoTD, and it’s special because Gus sent me the shirt as a gift <3!  It’s perfect for the post I wanted to do paired with the new Trompe Loeil bed, so YAY!

This is the His Shirt for Her from ZED!  A store I have never heard of, but it’s a sweet shirt none the less!  It comes with writing on the front and back, and it comes in 4 standard sizes.  I paired it with some of my fav hair from Exile, feet from Slink and the lovely Lily skin from Belleza!   A sleepy, but chic look!

LoTD 0 30/08/12

Then I hopped on the bed and miraculously, aka true to real life, had Mahogany coloured hair (unsure)!  This bed is new from Trompe Loeil, it comes in 6 colours and you can get both a PG and Adult version… this is the adult version.. what can I say… I lay in wait *smirk*.  There are 28 natural looking, looping animated poses for both couples and singles, although on the Adult bed the single poses are literally just a few, so this is more a bed for cuddles… and.. ummmmmm more 😛

Trompe Loeil - Gilded Bed

Credits for LoTD

Hair: Exile | Crush Honeycomb
Skin: Belleza | Lily V1 | Pale 5
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise | Pale Verdigras
Makeup: Exodi | Eyelashes | Natural & Subtle ** Izzies | Eliza Eyelashes
Nails: Izzies | French Nails
Shirt: ZED | His Shirt for Her | Charcoal (s)
Feet: Slink | Mesh Feet
Pose: *Frooti | Tea Green 3

Credits for Trompe Loeil
Same as above except

Hair: Exile | Silent Wings | Mahogany
House: Funky Junk

Friday Night and…

something or other!  I am blogging, not sure if i’ll be around much this weekend, my 4yr old has a “graduation” ceremony at nursery! LOL… so we will be there most of the day! 🙂  Just a few more bits and bobs I snapped today while I had some “me” time!

First up we have a new skin from My Ugly Dorothy! This is Heather.  I’ve shown her in the “Salmon” tone, but you can find two others in store.  I love how fresh these skins look, not over processed, just.. natural, blemishes and all!   They come with both lip and teeth skin options, and I’ve shown a mix of both.  You get tattoo layers for eyebrows too!   A really really nice skin for those of you that like a more natural/hand drawn look to your skins, kinda cutsey/young looking, love it on me, although it’s a bit different… I really do think it’s amazing how different a skin can make you look!


Next we have two new Truth hairs!  Meet Elsa and Soleil!  Elsa is the only mesh style this week, Elsa is just plain ole prims (feels weird saying that!)  Really love the side bun on Elsa, very cute looking!  Soleil is a lovely hair too, although I found it a bit big on me and had to resize a lil, but it still looked heavy on my head!  Really pretty large up do tho, wish I could get my hair to stay like either of these styles all day!!  Top is from Ingenue for FLF and is lovely too!

New Truth Hair

Next we have some Glam Affair goodies!  The new TDR just opened up and this is the skin you can find there this time around, GORGEOUS!  Really natural looking with some heavy blush and all for just $L70 or something insane (I think it’s that, I just click and buy now like a machine!).  The top is also GA, and is available at Collabor88.  I found the sizing a bit odd on me, my hands poked out through the sleeves like my arms needed to be longer, but I fiddled and faffed and made it work, because it’s just TOO pretty!

Glam Affair

Now, Cheeky Pea and Funky Junk for FLF!  I love furniture for FLF, hell, I love anything for FLF!  The Cheeky Pea Memories Mirror is gorgeous, it comes in three different styles, and of course you can add your own pics instead of the ones it comes with, you can see me creeping on Isla in this picture :D.   The Funky Junk Vintage Sideboard is another classic too! As you can see i’m leaning toward the drinks. HICCUP!

50 Linden Friday for the Home!

Finally we have a sneak peak from the Fashion Voodooevent that starts today at 6pm SLT! Belleza is one of the sponsors and has a skin out which is being sold with gorgeous smokey eyes and 5 different lipsticks included as well as smeared mascara on tattoo layers, you get two different mascara tattoos, but I put them together in one of the pics for a more dramatic look, not everything is shown here but a good start!  You get cleavage tats/underwear layers too, 5 skin tones are available and each is $L1200

Belleza for Fashion Voodoo

Also there will be Shabby Cat with these wonderful mesh tanks complete with winged skull, and an array of fantastic items from The Plastik, one of which is this skirt, which fit like a fookin GLOVE and I love… as well as more, but I’ll get back on and show you more of those later ❤

Fashion Voodoo - Belleza | Shabby Cat | Plastik

You can click all the store names to TP to where you can find their items (or the event name!) Happy Friday and have a great weekend, everyone ❤

Vintage Fair Homes and Stuff!

So, VF12 isn’t just about clothing, or hair, or makeup… there are some pretty neat homes/furniture around too!  Focusing on those in this post:

Funky Junk has a gorgeous house avec garage out!  The Salinas is a beauty. It comes with2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a sunken style lounge, a kitchen/dining area.. a back patio type area and you can get it with, or without a garage!

It’s a lovely, spacious home, and while I was snapping pics my friend Laura cropped up (as you can see below) and we both commented how we’d like to live in a house like this, with no clutter.. ok I haven’t decorated yet, but I kinda like it like this… it’s so.. open and spacious!  You can click through the picture to see a bigger one, and I do plan on putting some decorated pictures up at a later date, but I really wanted to scream *LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS HOUSE* at you all.  I love love LOVE the living area, with it’s slightly sunken look and fire place in the middle of the hall/living area.  I also love the carpet throughout, it’s so plush looking!  It’s definitely a great home, and I adore it!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Funky Junk - Salinas

What Next has this gorgeous study type set out.  You can purchase it as a set, or buy the bits you want separately.  It comes with desk, chair, rug and all the bits and bobs you can see including desk, memo board, phone, notebook, pen, typewriter… oh the list goes on!  What Next stuff is always so well made it makes me SQUEE with delight.   This picture below shows how it comes “out of the box”…

Vintage Fair 2012 - What Next

This shows how I put it together.  A little bit… mish mashy.  But hey, it’s how I roll, everything has it’s place and NOTHING is in it!  It feels a lil more… “me” tho :p

Vintage Fair 2012 - What Next 1

Finally, from Hanaya! A gorgeous couch, chair and vase of flowers!  The couch comes with 12 anims and can seat up to 3 people, and both the couch and chair are available with or without the roses, i’ve shown both options here.  The chair has 4 anims!  The vase is gorgeous… but it’s 55 prims, which isn’t really low, but if you want something super pretty, it’s your thing.  All of the items are quite primmy, as they are sculpt… but they are really pretty and girly!

Vintage Fair 2012 - Hanara

Also check out this Seraphim SL post, it lists a good chunk of what you can find at the VF12!

Funky Junk and Cheeky Pea!

Home and Garden Expo is now OPEN to the public and let me tell you, I already managed to drop about 10k at the place and I haven’t even finished!   I love LOVE buying homes and furniture in SL, I just don’t like setting it up, but now I am going to flit between homes because there is SO MUCH GORGEOUSNESS!!! This is just the first of a few blogs about the Expo and I’ll try to witter as little as possible.  Will be pic heavy!!

First up we have the house I (and a lot of others) have been waiting for! The GORGEOUS Americana from Funky Junk.  Ulaa has outdone herself with this!  It comes in 2 versions, with and without attic access and at just under $L2k for the attic access version, it’s a total STEAL!  Look how bit it is! With front and back (and side) veranda!

Funky Junk Americana

Inside is just so spacious! I don’t know how i’ll ever fill it up, but I will!  Below is just a quick see through from the front door, where you can see the work fireplace and grand stairs, through the archway to a smaller space, perfect for an office maybe! and the perfect kitchen space.  I didn’t shoot the outdoor conservatory part but it’s bloody awesome!

Funky Junk Americana - Downstairs

Upstairs there are four rooms, all very spacious and lovely!  Plenty of room on the landing for you to decorate too, and if you click through to see the large pic you can see the attic and the dangling cord for access. SO CUTE!  I think this might be my fav home EVER in SL, and I’ve been here 8yrs almost!!!  I LOVE YOU ULAA SISTER!  You have made my life a much better place, and obvs I mean the house, not your boobs.

Funky Junk Americana - Upstairs

Also available, and the RFL item/s is the dock and furniture seen below!  They are separate items, so you don’t have to have one with the other, but why you wouldn’t want both is beyond me!!  There are a few versions of the dock, and the furniture is copy, I just set up a small set just for me ❤

Funky Junk RFL Dock

Next to Funky Junk in my fav places to shop, is Cheeky Pea, and I just discovered the VIP group with a whopping 50% off for the few couple of days!!!  The items were well worth it before, but now… WOOOO!   This is the Coille House, it’s fully mesh and just gorgeous.  It comes in two options, a 1 bed and a 3 bed.  I opted for the 3 bed, because I am obsessed with more than 1 bedroom (probs cos I own 100 beds).  Such a lovely looking house, smaller in scale than the FJ house, but stunning just the same.

Cheeky Pea - Coille Home

It’s empty inside, of course, but Isla has made PERFECT furniture to fit.  This is the Kitchen.. not only is it cute beyond words it’s all animated! You can wash your hands, do dishes, cook a meal, stir the meal, sit on the breakfast bench with a cuppa and MORE, I can’t even tell you house loudly I squee’d at this.  Beyond gorgeous.

Cheeky Pea Kitchen

I couldn’t leave without the bathroom too, so I purchased that also.  Animated toilet… need I say more?  That’s where i’m sitting when I took the top pic, classy as always 😀   The sink and bath are also animated, the bath has singles AND couples poses!!!  See why I will have to flit between houses now!?!?!?!

Cheeky Pea Bathroom

I am SO happy with all my my Funky Junk and my Cheeky Pea purchases that I really really TRUELY REALLY urge you to go and look at it and consider buying it, I fell in love immediately and couldn’t say no, how many of you can!?

Funky Junk @ Home Expo

Cheeky Pea @ Home Expo

**Blog about clothing and things i’m wearing soon!**

More Culture Shock!

Shocking, I know.. hurrrrr hurrr.

A few more goodies today from Culture Shock, it opens TOMORROW guys, so get your purses/manpurses at the ready, you’re going to go BROKE, I know I nearly have and it’s not even open yet!!!

First up we have Funky Junks offerings.  Ulaa has 3 items up at 100% donation and 1 at 50%!  They are all so gorgeous!   The 50% item is this lovely house, inspired by Ulaa’s RL it is nothing short of amazeballs.  There is a demo up at Culture Shock, so you can wander around at will, check out all the rooms and just fall in love then purchase, ohhhh yes.  It’s a gorgeous home for gorgeous people.    Just 2 of the items at 100% are the little cactus/plant patio cube thinger (precise, I know) which is just the perfect addition to the built in patio area of the house, and the cute Koi Pond that comes with Koi, Frog and various poses to boot!  Ulaa has really outdone herself this time and is one of the most generous donaters at Culture Shock, do not forget to check her stuff out!

Culture Shock - Funky Junk

Next we have a dress from Koketka!  There is a flowery one and stripey one (well more than one) but I picked the one with cute daisys!   I did find the resolution on the bottom of the dress a bit blurry but to be honest unless you zoom right in, it looks just fine!  It’s so cute and summery that you won’t be able to resist.

Culture Shock - Koketka

Hair | Wasabi Pills (faMESHed) – Skin | Glam Affair

Then we have another dress, this time from Mons!  Soooo cute, a waist cut out really long number here, the Vintage Longdress certainly lives up to it’s name!   The texturing is so pretty!  Really delicate lil flowers and plenty of room for all shaped boobs, which is always a bonus! 😀

Culture Shock - Mons

Hair | Loq (TDR) – Skin | Glam Affair

Finally for today the stonkingly fantastic donation hair from Exile, which, might I say. I AM IN LOVE WITH!!! and a gorgeous dress from Peqe!  The hair is Groove Theory and is a really high pony coming down over the shoulder into a long clasp thinger (again, good with words, me) and trust me, you will love it, the asymmetrical bangs are also win.  The dress is Gyona in Floral Marine and again is so summery and the colours are just divine! A great couple of purchases for anyone, I think you’ll agree!

Culture Shock - Exile | Peqe

Skin | Glam Affair

That’s it for this round up, I still have plenty to blog but not enough time in the day! SO MANY EVENTS, as you’ve heard before 😛

Spruce up Your Space!!!

..with this Funky Junk Lazy Day Gazebo and Bed!  It’s fookin’ AWESOME!! Ulaa claims to hate doing furniture, but tbh I think she should do it more!  This set is just gorgeous, I say set, but really it’s all in one.  It’s out for the Spruce up Your Space

Funky Junk Lazy Day Gazebo and Bed

See how pretty it is?! With it’s lattice top, sides and archway, pretty trailing flowers.. It’s just SQUEEE!

Funky Junk Lazy Day Gazebo and Bed

Ulaa always makes such gorgeous things, and this is no exception.  The bed comes with a myriad (ok not thousands, but a fair damn few) of poses, both single and couples that really set the bed off nicely.

Funky Junk Lazy Day Gazebo and Bed

You can see larger pics if you click through to my flickr, but really what you want to do is Tp NOW to Funky Junk! ❤