LoTD – Like a Pinwheel

A LoTD today a little out of the ordinary for me, its not in my skybox! Dun DUN DUNNNN!!!  I’m not sure I dig it, but ho hum, sometimes a chance is as good as a rest.  Click through for bigger and see full credits at the bottom.

LoTD - Like a Pinwheel

My gorgeous outfit is a pairing of both The Secret Store items from this round of Collabor88!   The high waist skirt and top come in an array of colours and work so well together, and also as separates too!    The Betsy Halter comes with tucked, cropped and long versions in the pack and the Amy skirts all come with a lace colour change HUD, so the mix and matchability is great!  With it I am wearing the Lolee Platforms in a complimentary to the outfit colour from VinCue, these are available at the Big Show and are SOOOO EFFIN CUTE!  Bows, and heels and UNF!   They fit the girly in me well!

LoTD - Like a Pinwheel - Up Close and Personal

With these staples on I built my look around it, I decided on a little whimsy… with my horns, headwrap and neckwrap all from Lassitude & Ennui for this months round of We Love Roleplay, shown here in Princess and from Cubic Cherry Kreations the gorgeous back staff, a little oversized maybe,  but cute nonetheless.   I feel a bit fairy like!   To finish I wear Izzie’s new Nomi skin with a few tattoo layers in the delectable porcelain tone, and to make me not look AS sweet and innocent, a piercing from my piercing dealer – Cute Poison!

Have a great day!


Hair: LoQ | MangoJuice | LightBlonde *MP $L99 Special*
Eyes: IKON | Ardent | Clarity
Skin: Izzie’s | Nomi | Porcelain | Lipstick – Pink | Eyeshadow – Smokey
Piercings: Cute Poison | Animus
Horns/Jewellery: Lassitude & Ennui | Spring Collection | Princess *We Love Roleplay*
Staff: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations | Blowing Wind Staff | Pink *The Fantasy Room*
Top: The Secret Store | Betsy Halter | Tucked | Nude *Collabor88*
Skirt: The Secret Store | Amy Highwaist Skirt | Rose *Collabor88*
Shoes: VinCue | Lolee Plats *The Big Show*

Slink Av Enhancement with appliers: A:S:S | Mermaid
Pose by Adorkable

Picture taken at Happy Mood

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available

Kooqla makes me kooky…

.. or does it?   I absolutely fell in love with EVERYTHING in this picture, so it’s not really a look of the day, more a facial shot of the day (oo-er calm down missus).

Swallow Me...

I was wondering around Designers United 5 and found this skin from Kooqla and I just fell in love, SO SO in love immediately!   It comes in various options with slight differences, but this was the one that grabbed my attention.   Such a beautiful and haunting look, so different from my usual one, but I think I pull it off pretty well!   I then stumbled along to TDR Fusion and shoved everyone out of the vicinity to buy everything and anything I could find, included in that was this adorable and stunning set from Swallow, with both the neck item (I don’t really want to call it a brace, or a collar, or a necklace… so item it is) and headpiece.   My look was starting to come together and I was like OH MY GOD WHAT HAIR SHOULD I WEAR.  Luckily whilst shoving people out of the way I found the LOQ hair at TDRF which was just a stunning ponytail and I figured it would look great with the other bits, and doesn’t it!?  It’s also like $L70 for a fatpack, OH YES.

So there we have it, my little look.   I am wearing eyes and lashes from Al Vulo, which come with the TDRF offerings from them too! WOOT!

Happy Monday and all that.

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

A Little Pure Poison

Hello ratfans, it’s Monday, BOOOOOO. I don’t much like Monday’s but alas, here it is! I have a few bits I wanted to show off, so a couple of quick piccies today! YAY!

LoTD - 05/08/13

I have been so slack at logging in regularly lately, that I forgot ALL about TDR – Fusion! DUH!  So I hopped along to see what there was there, what I could buy, and I was not disappointed.  The first thing(s) I picked up were the Essences skins!  Three available with one shown above and one below, I do love me a good value skin, and Whisper is one of my faves from Inka! So I was thrice chuffed!   I picked up the crop top above from Toki-Doki and you get two patterns, so double the joy! HUZZAH!    The leather shiny metallic leggings I am wearing are part of a set available from MONS… there are three to choose from and each of them are stunning! This set came with a top, but I just wanted to wear the pants in this picture, so I did. I AM MY OWN BOSS.. or something.    Finally from TDRF I am wearing the LoQ Lemonade hair!   A lovely mesh style with a floppy hat!   You wear hair bases with it, but under the hat and what not, you can’t really tell it’s not a “full” head style.    Also worn in the picture is a gorgeous necklace from Pure Poison, shown here in Chocolate but available in a number of colours, I was super happy I found this in my inventory as it’s chic, it’s simple and it matched my look and was what I wanted! YAY!

Pure Poison - 1

After finding the necklace in the top picture, i did a little search for Pure Poison in my inventory and found SO MUCH STUFF I hadn’t even realised I had! I tried them on in haste and found this set that was, I believe, for a previous round of L’Accessories and OH EM GEE, I fell in love.   What a beautiful intricate piece with such vivid and vibrant colours!    The seahorse, the coral, the shells… all so beautiful, so I couldn’t help but take a gratuitous headshot.  What with the Whisper TDRF Skin, the gorgeous set of jewellery and some kick ass hair from Baiastice, i’d have been silly not to!

Eyes worn in both are from IKON, and poses are from *Frooti! ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the store loccations page

Happy Friday, The Arcace is coming!

IT REALLY IS! and I bring you a lleetttttleeee sneaky mcpeak!

Belleza @ The Arcade - Rares Preview

Belleza have 15 new skins out for the new round of The Arcade and they are BEAUTIMOUS!    The picture above shows the three rares you can get, yep, only three… so not too difficult (one would hope) to get all of them!   Three very different rares too!  One with oooooodles of freckles and barely there makeup, one with soft black lips and liner, and then a red lipped cateyed beauty!      The other 12 are shown below and they come in a few different tones, so there is something for everyone, trade or keep, it’s up to you!    I like the range of makeups, nothing too out there but a nice array of lips including pinks, nudes and browns/reds… and the eyes are all stunning whether they are smokey or light, coloured or nude… absolutely stunning, the whole collection! I can see this being a popular machine, save your lindens, ladies!

Belleza @ The Arcade - Preview

In my quick LoTD today we haev one of those skins so you can see the gorgeous body work too.  I’m wearing it with the FLF Bikini/Undies from DCNY! Well, one of them, there are two styles and they come with Tango appliers too 😀   Gorgeous items, and these are so cute that you won’t be able to resist! RIGHT?   The hair I am wearing is new from LOQ and is the Rye style in Brown!  It’s got a long pony at the back and a cute little headband around the head, a little boho looking, but allllll cute and sexy in one package.    My eyes are from IKON and my pose is from Adorkable!

LoTD 24/05/13

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

A lil grunge… a lil girly…

Today I am a bit of both!

LK Helps me Grunge it UP!

LK Prefabs have released SO MUCH lately… I decided it was time I grunged it up a little bit, this shed is just perfect for the job, it’s not massive, it’s not small, and it comes with or without baked shadows on.  What better to put in it than a bunch of other fantastic LK goodies?!    All from various sets and probably not meant to be put together, I did it anyway, because that’s the kind of rebel i am! RAWR!   You can get an array of items, but shown here are some scattered boxes, perfect for gifts too…. a stool and dining table, a gorgeous but plain rug, the dining hutch and fridge, a skateboard shelf (LOVE IT), a metal ladder and a hanging door… as well as the little bulbs you can see, which are from a recycled ladder light! It’s just gorgeous!  It’s like a little mancave, with a few girly touches 😛

LoTD - Bzzz

Then I decided to slip out of my Bikini and stop faffing about with my mangrungecave… and decided to go a little girly.   This gorgeous skirt and top ensemble can be found at Bees Through the Seasons and is a collab between NYU and Beehivve! and it’s just stunning!  The skirt comes with both black and brown belt as choice to purchase, and the top comes in four fantastic florals!   I chose the orange/yellow one though, because that’s how I roll!   I paired it with the gorgeous new Opera skin from Essences for TDR, one of 3 makeups available in this gorgeous pale tone, and to top it all off I have a new LOQ hair, which you can purchase in both left or right over the shoulder style (it does come with hairbase though, it’s not full head mesh), and the coin headband from MONS!

I think I look SUPER cute!  Now to go and look super cute in RL!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.

Day 3 of 365 LoTD Posts!


Day 3 of 365 LoTD Posts
Todays look consists of mainly event items! I got my gorgeous hair from TDR Fusion, it’s a special tipped pack from LoQ, my skin is also from TDR Fusion and is Cara from YS & YS in Ici, a red nosed winter looking skin, very pale and hauntingly beautiful!    Maxi Gossamer provided me with a gorgeous intricate necklace from my haul from Collabor88 and the dress is part of Cracked Mirrors released for FaMESHed

Cracked Mirror @ FaMESHed!

The dress is the Resolution dress from Cracked Mirror, as mentioned above, which can be found at this round of FaMESHed!  It’s a beautiful short dress with gorgeous texturing and a cute little belt.   They are mostly neutral type colours ranging from blue to red, grey to green, nothing overly bright or in your face, the perfect dress for a demure, classy but sexy look!

*SLURLS can be found, if available, on the Store Locations page


Skin: YS & YS | Cara | Pale | 07 | Ici *TDR Fusion*
Hair: LoQ | Liqueur | Browntips *TDR Fusion*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Leather
Dress: Cracked Mirror | Resolutions Dress | Red *FaMESHed*
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer | Patience Heart Watch Pendant | Short | Silver *Collabor88*
Poses: aDORKable Poses


Take the Goat by the Ears…

Or something…  I am a Sagittarius and I am PROUD (yeah, it’s my bday on the 21st, end of the world yadda yadda, I’ll accept gifts early :D), and Hottie Cooterati’s Zodiac – Sagittarius Round is still going strong!

HopScotch do some wonderful poses and props, and this round saw a few “Archer” type sets!  I have shown both the female “Huntress” Versions below, in a collage of WOOOO!  There are Male versions too.   I really love these poses and the props are just divine, so smooth, so realistic!   I decided to wear them with the gorgeous new, and on offer (red only) set from Severed Garden! I love that store, everything is so gorgeous and pretty and REASONABLE!   The set comes with everything you see clothes/shoes wise and is a steal!  Also wearing last weeks FLF offering from Clawtooth for a bit of a dip dye change! (the items used in the background are from an old Funky Junk item!)

Hopscotch @ Zodiac

Also released for this round were these Warrior Hoops from Indrya Originals.   I am not normally a fan of huge jewellery, either in RL or SL, but these were too pretty to pass up.   They come in the colours shown and with two versions, these are, believe it or not, the small!  You can also wear a larger version too.  The one downfall of these, in my opinion is that they only come in gold, unless I am dumb!   I would of really loved to see them in Silver, hopefully maybe for another release?! Such vibrant, gorgeous items.. I’d love to wear them more often, but sadly I do not tend to do Gold in world or out!

Indyra Originals @ Zodiac

Of course I had to take a headshot of me in them, because I’m also wearing one of the two awesome Izzie Frostbite skins from this months Collabor88 and the brand new TDR Fusion special hair from LoQ!     Don’t I look ADORABLE?   My fringe is currently this long in RL too, I’ll go boss eyed soon… apparently, that’s what my mother tells me.     My piercings are from Cute Poison.

Mini LoTD - Headshot

Finally, I am really enjoying doing homey type posts, the sim I live on, I share with others so I can’t just fanny around changing seasons on a whim, so my plan is to set up a skydome for each season! We’ll see, I have zero landscaping skills so don’t hold your breath.   This house though, the Gorgeous Writing Home from Scarlet Creative deserves a dome all of it’s own.  It’s SO damn pretty.   It’s pretty large, so make sure you can furnish it, I haven’t even started yet!   It also comes with two versions, one with shadows baked on incase you can’t utilise shadows in SL and want the effect, and without.   Charlotte does such amazing work, so detailed and gorgeous, no picture could ever do it justice.

Scarlet Creative - Gorgeous Writing Home

I took a few pictures of the inside, you can click through to see them larger, and I do apologise, I did take more but I forgot to save them (DAMN YOU DIFFERENT VIEWER) and I didn’t have time to go back in and take more.  I’m pretty sure you will love what you DO see though!  You get various rooms, all spacious and with lovely windows, perfect for the view.   There are a couple of fireplaces for you to decorate and plenty of little hallways for your nick nack wall hangings and pictures.   The textures on this house blow you away, the insides are just gorgeous and you will fall in love.  Plenty of space for you, and the family, with a cute little attic room to keep the lil ones, or your other half out of mischief, or a getaway for yourself, you really must see this in world, it’s really quite out of it.. the world that is.

Scarlet Creative - Gorgeous Writing Home - Inside

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page!

LoTD – Sn@tch Style and a bit of Baffle!

A few things for you guys this time around! I’ll try not to waffle on much 😀

First off this first picture encapsulates the wonderful events going on at the moment and what you can gain from them (in exchange for lindens, obvs)!  This beautiful arrangement of giant clock, chairs, rug, vase and cup of steaming coffee is available from this months FAIR event, and is from Baffle!  It is a posed set, so you can sit down and watch time idle away before your very eyes, or you can put the clock on the wall and pretend you’re very tiny, whichever works better for you!  The stunning coat I am wearing is from Baiastice and was one of the Cinema items that they offered, it’s absolutely wonderful.  It’s not normally my thing, maybe, but I did fall in love.  It comes with matching hat too, if you want to wear it and is available in many colours, I had to go traditional tweed tho. I really did!  Finally the shoes that you can’t see very well (sorry, I did take a close up but it went all wonky) are from Ingenue and are for this months Zodiac Event!   The skin is from Leverocci and is also an event item, you can get that at The Costume Ball!  So there you have it, a bunch of events bringing you a bunch of goodies, whodda thunk it?

Fair | Cinema | Zodiac Goodies

Next is a real quick LoTD style post, with MORE event goodies. YEP!  This whole ensemble is rom Sn@tch, well the top and the jeans, and they are NEW items… which are excluded from the huge Sn@tch sale going on right now, BUT… I did pick up a bunch of other awesome, reduced price items!!  I just couldn’t resist these too! I adore these jeans like whoa, and they aren’t even mesh! Get me.. oldskool Willis rocking the texture! 😛   The earrings I am wearing are from Glow Studios and are available TDRb, a close up of those below.   The skin, once again is the Jem skin from Leverocci, a beautiful, whimsical looking skin, makes me look very smooth and young!

LoTD - Sn@tch Style!

The hair is from LoQ and is also a TDRb item, and as you can see, it’s a simple pony, and you get the fatpack for just $L70!  I can’t get over how much I love these earrings either, I’m not a huge statement jewellery type person, but these definitely fell into my love pile.

Leverocci @ Costume Ball

So there you go, a handful of gorgeousness almost ALL from Events.  Who says events are bad? pfft.

Credits for LoTD Picture

Skin: Leverocci | Jem | Pale *The Costume Ball*
Hair: LOQ | Vanilla Tart | Black *TDRb*
Nails: TGIS | Glitter Nail Collection
Earrings: Glow Studio | Secret Earrings *TDRb*
Eyes: Sorry.Asia | Never | Emerald
Top: Sn@tch | Sienna Halter | Pewter
Jeans: Sn@tch | Sacrifice Jeans | Silver *NEW*
Boots: Leverocci | Range Boots | Coal
Pose: *Frooti

Credits for Time is Running Out Picture

Props: Baffle | Time is Running Out *Fair*
Hair: LOQ | Vanilla Tart | Black *TDRb*
Skin: Leverocci | Jem | Pale *The Costume Ball*
Coat: Baiastice | Edy | Tweed/Choco *Cinema*
Shoes: Scorpius | Sepia *Zodiac*

Playing catchup!!!

I have not been on SL for the last few days, so now I am having to play catch up before I get lost in a sea of OMG I WANTED TO BLOG THIS! So you guys get a pic heavy/text light(ish) post!

OK! First we have just a handful of the new tees available from BOOM!  There are 99 in total (YES, NINETY NINE) including countries, solid colours, skulls, motifs.. it’s just BOOM Tee city!  These babies are mesh and come up just under your bust/above your midriff, so they look super cute with jeans, or a skirt, or well.. anything really!  I  chose to show off the new Truth FADES with these in one of his new styles.   Yep, Truth has hopped aboard the fade train, much to everyones delight and as you can see there are a fair few to choose from!

New @ Boom | Truth

The skin I am wearing above, and shown here below is the new Gabriela Skin from JeSyLiLo, i’m not convinced it looks all that wonderful on me, but it’s a very unique skin imo, it isn’t babyfaced, it isn’t totally mature, it’s just… different!  It comes with the makeups shown below in both freckles and non freckled versions and you get some makeup layers (like the black lipstick above) and teeth etc to really make the look your own!

New @ JeSyLiLo - Gabriela

Also new from the skin world are these PXL Gacha skins.  Available in an array of fantasy themes/colours, these skins are really very sweet.  The top right reminds me of the Kate Vampire skin a bit, and the bright red one reminds me of a skin I wore about 7 years ago in SL from Nomine! I was red for quite some time!!!  Fantasy skins aren’t really something I have a lot of, but I am finding more and more useful as I try and branch out of my comfort zone a bit! at $L99 a play, can you afford not to grab a few?

New @ PXL Gacha

The Dead Cool Hunt starts today, and these are available from Cracked Mirror, 4 mesh motif tee’s, thankfully there was no spider one, or I might have had to punch cracked on the nose (with love).  I am particularly taken with the Zombie one! HE’S LOOKING AT YOUUUUUU!!!   I decided to cute it up a bit with the Ambrosia hair from LOQ that is availabe at TDRb.  The hair comes with lace bunny ears, NEED I SAY MORE??!!?!?  It’s not mesh though, so the ponytail might poke through your shoulder in certain poses (we have become spoilt, right?) but HI. LACE BUNNY EARS.  The skin is also from TDRb and is from Atomic!

New @ Cracked Mirror & TDRb

FINALLY!  The Mons dress from TDRb paired with the new Ploom hair!   2 new hairs from Hely today, two big and beautiful styles in all the usual colour combinations!  Both are mesh and both are super cute.  I find that Ploom always tends to satisfy my “not quite regular big but a bit bigger than big” hair woes, kinda fantasy big hair if you will! LOVE THEM!!!   The dress is super cute from MONS and comes in standard sizes and you will be just as dotty (har har) about it as I am!   I decided to finish off the look with the new Baiastice Bootie!

New @ Mons | Ploom

The Amina Platform Boot comes in both rigged and unrigged versions and in various colours, and four prints!  The detailing is gorgeous, the booties are amazing, and they will be on my feet a lot in the upcoming winter months!

New @ Baiastice

As usual, ALL Slurls are on the Store Locations page you can find at the top of my blog ❤





It’s been a long old slog for me today, and it didn’t help when I emptied my entire gatcha folder onto my head.  Infact, it only JUST stopped doing it after these pics, I was snapping and detaching, snapping and detaching lol!

Anyway, this is my LoTD!  The dress is the new Mesh Glitter Slip from Sn@tch, it’s sooooo cute! It comes in two packs, this is one of the pastels!  I paired it with the new A&A shoes – Lena! These shoes are SO effin’ cute it’s untrue, I’ve done a close up below, you HAVE to check them out, they are t-strap style and have a cute lil toe cap lace doily effect!  They come in MANY colours, in my LoTD I am wearing Rainbow and they have a lil wing on the side, weeee!  The hair is from Ploom and we will talk about that below, and the skin is new from Izzies! again we will talk about that below, WEEEE!

LoTD 17/09/12

This is the close up of the shoes, HOW GORGEOUS?????  Even inside they are yummy!

New @ A&A

The new Izzies skin comes in 10 skin tones (I am wearing Sunkissed), in each pack you get dark/light/blonde and red brows, and then the same again with cleavage, freckles on tattoo layers, 12 lipsticks on tattoo layers, 10 eyeshadows on tattoo layers, nail base, 1 mod/copy shape and 1 mod/copy eyebrow shape!  These are just three combos I made:

New @ Izzies


There are also some lipgloss tattoos on sale, both for light and dark tones.. so make sure you demo!  Three samples below!  I do love Izzies skins, they are always so clean and fresh looking, and they make me look SCRUMMY, so thumbs up here!

Izzies Gloss Sample

OK! Two new hairs from Ploom!  Christah and Marshmellow!  Two super cute styles!  One over the shoulder longer style, with a bit of a kink to it! and Marshmellow is a pig poofy side pony with long bangs swept over the face!  I really love the dipped options in Ploom hairs, they are so tasty looking!

New @ Ploom

Also two new styles from LOQ!  Barcardi and Cotton Candy for TDRb!  Barcardi is a poofy bun style with wispy bits and bobs, it’s soooo sexy looking!  Kinda sorta outta bed loose bun stylee!!  If that isn’t your thing then the TDRb hair might be! It’s a long, straight style, sleek and sexy!  Two awesome hairs!

New @ LOQ

Finally, at C88… new D!va! hair!  Aya shown here in the C88 special texture, comes in three parts!  You get the two bun/updo styles, and then you get a mesh addon piece that sits over the shoulders.  I do love D!va hair for the wispy look, it has a lovely appeal!

New @ C88 | Diva!