LoTD 11/10/13

It’s FRIDAY! YAY!   I dunno why I am YAYING, I have a massively busy weekend ahead and BAH I detest busy! But there ya go, a LoTD to tickle your fancy today!

LoTD - 11/10/13

To start it all off and get myself something to model a look around, I put on my finest and truest teeshirt… SLocially Awkward from BOOM!    There are a bunch of these tee’s out there including plain colours and prints with SoooOOoooOOO many options, this one definitely caught my eye though!  The shorts are also from BOOM and both are new releases, worthy of a demo at least!   My headband is also new and is a studded beauty from Atooly!  A lovely fitting headband that comes in an array of colours with both silver and gold studs.  Of course I opted for Teal and Silver as it matched my outfit!

My legwarmers are from fri.day and they are made to fit the SLink Medium Foot and they are at this month’s Collabor88 in a handful of colours.  With each warmer you get a few different fits to wear with or without shoes, I opted for without but the world, my footed friend, is your oyster!    Also worn from Collabor88 is my Glam Affair Skin… Neva in Artic and this is make up 4. GORGEOUS if I say so myself!

LoTD - 11/10/13 - Up Close and Personal

Other items worn are some slink nail polishes from Flair, a gorgeous set with studded cross motif, and of course there was a teal so that was PERFECT!  My eyes are from IKON, lashes from Mon Cheri, hair from Magika and pose from Frooti! ❤

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available ❤

Catchy Uppy WOO!

I had my first day back at work in RL today since my holiday, BOO… so I hopped on SL after and did some blogging therapy!  My inventory is bursting at the SEAMS with things to be blogged, so here is a post with a bit of this, and a bit of that… with more to come daily!

Getting Cozy at What Next

I made a cozy little camp out made almost entirely from What Next!    The playground roundabout is new… ish and you can choose from 3 different colours/types and each one comes with dirt mound or just plain shadow, so you can really make it fit into your little homey area.   That was going to be my main focus, but then I wanted to add other bits and bobs!   The gorgeous caravan complete with oodles of pose and animations (I am naked in there, you can just about see.. oooooopsy) comes in to different variations and is so gorgeous with its awning and flags, the perfect little holiday home!    Also shown is the garden cafe chairs and table set and the rideable scooters, including one with side car.   I love What Next, it’s definitely one of the go to stores for me alongside a couple of others when I am redecorating or what something super cute!

LoTD - Hint of Blueberry

My look of the day today centres around Blueberry, mostly.    The skirt and tank are both Blueberry items and aren’t brand new, but new enough!  The Jamie Tank and Skirt both come in an array of colours, but i opted for the tradiational washed light denim and white tank look, cute and casual.   Blueberry has SO much new stuff, more to come in the week, but for now I wanted a simple, classic look and I think I got that!  I sexed it up a bit with new boots from Hucci,, but more about them below, as well as more about the skin!   My hair is from Magika and is cute as a button!  Pose is from *Frooti (my poor little neglected store)

Essences @ C88

The skin I am wearing, and all the other options above are the Sash skins from Essences, available for this round of Collabor88!  Available only in Light Rose, but with four different eyebrow colours as well as cleavage tattoo layers, these are some super cute skins!   I really love the lightly bitten look to the lips on these, so soft looking and kissable, paired with lightly smoked or linered eyes these skins are perfect for either a casual lunch with a friend, a ride on a playground roundabout, or the more classy evening out.    Make sure you check them out, for sure!

New @ Hucci

Finally in this post a bit more about the new boots!   Hucci released these Akita boots in both Leather and Suede, and they come with a fatpack HUD you can change the colours with, mixing and matching the soles and boot parts… as you can see I have left some solid and mixed some of the colours up too!   Each boot comes with 15 main (boot) colours and 14 Sole colours ranging from bright pinks to lovely sea green teals, blacks to sandy browns… absolutely stunning items and they are available as SLink Medium foot addons ONLY, so make sure you have your feet all ready to go too!    Great mesh work and wonderful texturing,  the best boots I have worn in a LONG time!!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

Love Donna Flora

As you may well have heard, there is a fundrasier coming up for the lovely Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora fame, you can read ALL about it here.  The event will begin on July 25th and run through August 11th. It will feature items for sale and designers will create one item for sale at 100% and then can sell a few additional times that they can split with a 50%, 75% or 100% donation, there will be donations jars too!

There will be tons available at the event and this will not be my only post on it, but I did want to start with a LoTD style post, a cute and sweet one, light and airy… just what you need to feel all loved up and awww!

Love Donna Flora - Post 1

La Petit Morte have a bunch of Fantasy style skins out, as well as some regular looking ones, all of them delectable and yummy, this pink one really matches the gorgeous items from Lark, which is almost everything else I am wearing… the lovely pink bustier and lacy pink leggings, alongside the pink fabric antlers!    Lark have a bunch of items out, and the clothing is all in special textures/fabrics/colours never to be sold again!  So get em while they’re hot.  The hair I am wearing is also new, not from the event, but from Magika! YAY!

There will be something for everyone there, skins, jewellery, clothing, accessories, furniture, poses… SO much stuff!   You can take your time, have a looksy and support one of the lovliest people on SL! ❤

*SLURL will be updated asap!

Coming Soon… to an event near YOU..

HI!   This event I am blogging about doesn’t run until 5th of July, but I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures because I squee’d loudly when I got the items and danced a little jig!  Mes Brics à Bracs is a new event, it only started in June but it’s already proven to be popular (at least with me) and it’s an accessories event, so thats nice!

Coming soon from VinCue!

The stonkingly cute headbands and bows will be available from VinCue and OH EM GEE, aren’t they CUTE?     I thought i’d take some dorky face shots with mine!  As you can see there are four animals to choose from:  Giraffe, Bear, Panda and Kitty!  There are ten colour combo options for Bear and Panda, six for Kitty and four for Giraffe and those four are RARES (gacha, anyone?!)   You don’t have to wear the bows and ears together, they come as separate items so you can mix and match if you get more than one, and even wear with outfits!  Well obviously you know that, you guys are smart!

I really love the Giraffe ones, well I love them ALL, but particularly those.  The event looks to be amazing this time, as it was last time, so keep your eyes peeled!

The logic is HOT

Huzzah yesterday saw coldLogic release a bunch of stuffffssss, always a good day!  Let’s take a looksy:

New @ coldLogic - 2

So many gorgeous summery dresses, with a couple of dressier affairs bunged in too!   Whether it’s pleats you want, cinch waists or just plain old summery dresses, I am sure you will find one to your liking in this bunch!  I’ve shown one of each, obviously they all come in different colours.   Such vibrant choices thrown in with some staple monotone and earth tones too!   There are florals, dots, satins… you will find a lot to your liking, I am sure.  That’s the best thing about coldLogic release days, the choice is always HUMONGOUS!

New @ coldLogic - 1

As well as dresses we have shorts and shirts/tops too!   There are 7 (unless I cannot count and missed some in world) choices to mix and match.. either with each other, or other items in your wardrobe.   We have baggyish tees, vest tops and short sweaters coupled with floral shorts, drawstring shorts and good old cargo style shorts… so again there is probably pretty much something for everyone!   I always love the colour choices from coldLogic, because you get the brighter colours, but always with the subtle tones too, and this time we even get some dip dye style choices.

The hair I am wearing is new from Magika, who are currently having a HUGE sale, and my skin is the Cancer skin from Essences for Zodiac this round.   Eyes are IKON and poses are Adorkable.

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

Thank FOOK it’s Friday!

I don’t know why, but I am glad it’s Friday today, it’s a day closer to the weekend but then it’s also a day closer to Monday, BOO!  A few newish bits here for you, as well as a special offer today for Fi*Friday!

M.I.A.B for FiFriday!

These gorgeous earrings are available today from M.I.A.B for Fi*Friday!  YESSSS, gorgeous, cheap goodies!   They are some big chunky assed earrings in the most lovely color combos… they certainly quench the cute thirst in me!  Scripted to change to five different colour combinations, these bad boys (or girls) look great, they are oversized and in your face in the bestest of ways!  So pop them in, grab a bikini, or some shorts, or even a summery dress and go forth and amaze everyone with how cute you are!   (Hair by Chemistry, Skin by Glam Affair, Eyes by IKON)

New Swimwear @ ColdLogic!

Released just a week or so ago were a bunch of swimsuits by the gorgeous coldLogic team!   Boy, what a choice we have!   I am never really sold on mesh swimwear or underwear, I find it just doesn’t fit great to my shape, and I refuse to conform too much!  But the perfect combo was found here with an M top and an S bottom, which I was very happy with!   There are four styles and 2 styles within each style, so a total of 8 (that’s a lot of the world style in there, isn’t it?).   You can get a nice comfy boob tube style, a halter neck style, a one strap to the side style and a regular style… (again with the styles, sorry).   Each different set has their own texture, colour, difference going on.   I don’t think I have a particular fave here, although I am partial to the bottom right, and the lime one next to it!  I think they are super cute, and plus Lime is one of my fave colours 😀 (Skin by Glam Affair, Poses by Frooti, Hair by Magika)

Make sure you check them out and get your booty on for the beach.

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available.

Hallo, Loveys!

How are we today? I’m ok, doing a little bit of thiiiis, a little bit of thaaat, decided to look a bit different in my LoTD today, I hope you enjoy 😀

LoTD 30/05/13

This lovely little outfit is from Sakide and is currently available only at the World Goth Fair!  Shown here in Black but also available in Crimson as an EXCLUSIVE, this Inkubus outfit is just yummy.  Hot leather pants, high rise to make them a little cute as well as sexy, and a studded bra complete with a set of armwarmers… definitely a little RAWR, wouldn’t you agree?  I really love these and they also fit perfectly, which I find really hard with high rise shorts and bras in mesh for some reason!  Anyway, GORGEOUS OR WHAT?   Also worn is a gorgeous necklace from Cae – Alchemy!  Available at FaMESHed, this is a gorgeous set, although I am just wearing the Necklace here.  It comes with metal change and gem change options, so you really can make it match almost anything!    My hair is from Magika, pose is from Frooti!

Essences @ TDR Fusion!

The skin, OH THE SKIN!! Essences Wednesday- Golden Bronze is available at TDR Fusion in these three makeups and is STUNNING!  Essences skin is always one I know I will put on and just fall in love with, and this one I was a bit dubious, as it’s a darker tone, but I really love it!   The lips are sooooo kissable (hey Ayden, WHERE ARE YOU?), the eyes are vivid and bright and gorgeous.   If you want a great, cheaply priced skin then hop along to TDRF and pick this beauty up!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, if available.

100 Block and Stuff!

Hi  guys, happy Sunday! I have a busy day planned in RL but as I was up with the larks, I had time to hop on SL and sort a bit more of my insane inventory!  Here are a few new things.

LoTD - 12/05/13

100 Block is an event at Depraved Nation and it’s full of awesome goodies!  This skin is the Belleza offering, it’s Ava and it comes in all the usual tones and brow options and is a scrumptious addition to your Belleza collection!  It’s a pretty plain, neutral looking makeup with luscious lips and smokey eyes, so you can wear it with anything! I decided to wear it with more 100 Block goodies!  This time from Happy Undead.    This little top and skirt come as separates, and each with different HUD options you can purchase, you get a fair few options on each HUD for your mix and match pleasure which you can see just 6 combos of below, as well as the one above.

Happy Undead @ 100 Block

You can choose from three packs of tops, including plain, ribbed and striped… and you can choose from four different packs of skirts… denim, print, touched and vinyl!! I really loved the touched skirts, I think they are so hilarious and cute lol… I am easily pleased!   The texturing on the tops and skirts are absolutely spot on and what I love most of all are the size options!! For the top you get the usual standard sizing, then you get small, medium and big boob options within each size, and for the skirts you get the standard sizes then big, medium and small but with 2 different belly options!   You will find the perfect fit, I am confident!  Also worn are nail appliers from Adore & Abhor for the SLINK nails, hair from Magika and eyes from IKON!

New @ Chez Moi!

Also newly released is this bathroom set from CHEZ Moi! I have taken a quick collage of all three/four pieces in my new bathroom, but it does not do these wonderful pieces justice!   The Ipanema pieces come loaded with animations both singles and couples, so you can get your freak on the in bathroom, or relax in a petal soaked tub… the world is your oyster!  You don’t have to have all the pieces out to make a full set, but it certainly looks stunning!   It has a kind of bamboo, luscious feel and look to it, something you’d find in a tropical paradise while gazing out at greeny blue waters and silky sandy beaches… ahhh, now I need a holiday! A gorgeous set indeed!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page, if available


It’s Thursday.

Just incase you wasn’t aware.  I am here with a simple LoTD and a lovely new piece of furniture! 😀

LoTD - 25/04/13

My look today is a simple one, courtesy of Cynful!  This is the new TDRF item, the Vale Sweater Dress which you can pick up in three different colours.  What I love about this dress is it throws me back to a time of texture clothing.  As that’s what it is, with mesh addon skirt.   It just goes to show that you can still find great stuff, that isn’t 100% mesh and still look super cute.   I paired it with some older Elikatira Boots, as I was in a bit of a retro mood, I think they look rather good! To top it off I put on one of my fave Magika hairs and a YS&YS skin (that was picked up from an old TDRF!) and hopped on my Adorkable posestand.  I’m happy with my cute, somewhat throwback look today, maybe you should try going a little bit back in time too!

Cobblestone makes me a Happy Kitty!

Designer Warehouse is open for a new round and Cobblestone have this amaaaazzzinnng mesh kitty TV here!  You can put your on pictures in it and the cycle through, it’s so cute!  It comes in various colours, and this is quite obviously the Yellow.   Whether you want it for your kids room, your room, or just to put out because it’s got ears and a tail, you won’t be disappointed.   It’s only 3 prims too! WEEEE!  There is also a flower planter from Cobblestone, but I couldn’t really ram that in the picture and it look sensible, so you’ll just have to check that out for yourself.

Enjoy your Thursday ❤