LoTD – Corset Style

LoTD - Corset Style


Halllooo everyone! I am so sorry I have been a slacker, I’ve been SOOO busy! Family birthdays, a pulled shoulder and laundry mountain have kept me busy (totes not the XBox, nope) and I have been struggling finding time to get on!  But I did, and I dressed up a lil differently today \o/

This look is definitely the sexy side of Willis, with a gorgeous corset from Sakide, and the neck collar is also from there!  The Corset comes in an array of colours and in each colour you get a simple corset, a strapped one (shown) and a hooded one!  With the collar it also comes in colours included in a HUD complete with metal colours too, so changeable with your outfit, or no outfit at all if you choose.

Also worn is a bit of a mix and match jobby!  My skin is the new Belleza skin, blogged previously, complete with Pink Fuel lip Tattoo in INK, and new Mons Eyeshadow from TDR, a whole Ombre set, this is the black version.    I am also wearing a new and gorgeous hair from Tameless! Such a cute poofy bun style, perfect for this outfit, it adds that hint of cute.

Other need to knows are eyes from IKON, Lashes from Mon Cheri and pose from fri.day!

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things…

Just a few casual looks for you today, inspired by some fairly new items I’ve come across and made particular friends with. This first outfit is all about the Cynful Isia shorts, which I fell a bit in love with and would love to pull off in the real world, would my thighs not dribble out the bottom. Keeping with the purple theme, I added Senzafine’s cute peasant top and a pretty headband by MONS for good measure. And voila the result.

Senzafine and Cynful

Another of my favourite things this week is Cheeky Pea’s Port Isaac pier, which is a little piece of luxury for those of us who find beach towels a damp and scratchy controversy. The couch can be separated from the pier, too, should you feel so inclined – which I believe to be a good thing, as it would look equally awesome in a living room. I have just the place…

Port Isaac by Cheeky Pea

Below is the outfit I’m wearing at the end of the pier. It’s a simple look that’s easily thrown on when an unexpected tp comes in for a shopping trip, combining the Marlee skirt from R3volt with okkbye’s Summer Tank in grey.

okkbye and R3volt

And here is what I perhaps should have been wearing – my new favourite bikini, by DCNY. Something about the pattern makes my heart happy.

DCNY Denim Bikini

And finally a Somnia ensemble even the name of which make me grin: I’m wearing the Comic Tank in true retro-Batman style with – wait for it – Floozy Bandit shorts. Amazing.

Hampton Bench by DIGS

Credits (top to bottom)

Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Victoria
Top: Senzafine – Astrid Crop Peasant Top
Shorts: Cynful – Isia
Headband: MONS – Cute Gem Headband and Face Gem

Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Jennie
Top: okkbye – Summer Tank Tops – Grey
Skirt: R3volt – Marlee
Pier: Cheeky Pea – Port Isaac

Skin: Izzie’s – Jill Safari – Peach
Hair: Exile – Just a Reason
Bikini: DCNY – Denim Bikini

Bench: DIGS – Hampton Bench
Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – Europa
Hair: Elikatira – Youth
Top: Somnia – Comic Tank
Shorts: Somnia – Floozy Bandit
Shoes: DN Mesh – Marcy

A Little Pure Poison

Hello ratfans, it’s Monday, BOOOOOO. I don’t much like Monday’s but alas, here it is! I have a few bits I wanted to show off, so a couple of quick piccies today! YAY!

LoTD - 05/08/13

I have been so slack at logging in regularly lately, that I forgot ALL about TDR – Fusion! DUH!  So I hopped along to see what there was there, what I could buy, and I was not disappointed.  The first thing(s) I picked up were the Essences skins!  Three available with one shown above and one below, I do love me a good value skin, and Whisper is one of my faves from Inka! So I was thrice chuffed!   I picked up the crop top above from Toki-Doki and you get two patterns, so double the joy! HUZZAH!    The leather shiny metallic leggings I am wearing are part of a set available from MONS… there are three to choose from and each of them are stunning! This set came with a top, but I just wanted to wear the pants in this picture, so I did. I AM MY OWN BOSS.. or something.    Finally from TDRF I am wearing the LoQ Lemonade hair!   A lovely mesh style with a floppy hat!   You wear hair bases with it, but under the hat and what not, you can’t really tell it’s not a “full” head style.    Also worn in the picture is a gorgeous necklace from Pure Poison, shown here in Chocolate but available in a number of colours, I was super happy I found this in my inventory as it’s chic, it’s simple and it matched my look and was what I wanted! YAY!

Pure Poison - 1

After finding the necklace in the top picture, i did a little search for Pure Poison in my inventory and found SO MUCH STUFF I hadn’t even realised I had! I tried them on in haste and found this set that was, I believe, for a previous round of L’Accessories and OH EM GEE, I fell in love.   What a beautiful intricate piece with such vivid and vibrant colours!    The seahorse, the coral, the shells… all so beautiful, so I couldn’t help but take a gratuitous headshot.  What with the Whisper TDRF Skin, the gorgeous set of jewellery and some kick ass hair from Baiastice, i’d have been silly not to!

Eyes worn in both are from IKON, and poses are from *Frooti! ❤

*SLURLS can be found on the store loccations page

Cosmetics Fair – OPEN TOMORROW!!

Hey everyone! Cosmetics Fair 2013 is opening tomorrow and I am here with a few of the awesome makeups you can find there… to start with at least 😀

TSG @ Cosmetics Fair '13 & Lark @ Thrift Shop

Firstly we have some gorgoeus TSG Lip Laquers, shown on top of the TSG Baby skin in X tone here, you can see they are deliciously kissable! (You may need to view a bigger picture).   They all come for ALL tones of TSG skin, and all colours come with or without teeth, I did try these over my Belleza skin which is worn throughout the rest of the post, but the lips were too small, so if you aren’t planning on wearing them on top of an actual official TSG skin, you may want to demo!

Nuuna @ Cosmetics Fair '13

Next we have some makeups from Nuuna! I have shown one from each set available, in different colours (and some eyeliner).  Each set is stunning and striking, and each very different, as you can see! They all come in ooooodles of colours, including white and black, as well as the popping vivids too.   Nuuna makes such lovely makeups, all of them a little bit out of the norm, which is lovely for fantasy looks or just when you want to stand out from the crowd.

Mons @ Cosmetics Fair '13

The next two sets are from MONS!   Both are sets of eyeshadows, one a more evening affair, one more daysy (it’s a word).  The above ones are sleek, shiny looking nightwear they come in a pack of several and there are both duos of colours and singles, as you can see!   So bright and lovely and with a bunch of colours to choose from you can mix and match them with your favourite outfits!

Mons @ Cosmetics Fair '13 - 2

The ones above are the more day like affair eyeshadows, although I did find they made my eyes look a loooot bigger than they are, probably because of the crease in the makeup, but I still really dig them!   Lovely muted colours, nothing too bright, but soft and subtle, perfect for a day at the beach or just a general look… although perfect to wear in the evening too! So a nice selection there.

Kooqla @ Cosmetics Fair '13

Finally we have some of the shadows and lips available from Kooqla!   I’m not sure these lips suit me, but I loved how glossy they were, and plump!   The eyes are really nice, soft and smooth with a hint of liner.   They come as separates so you can mix and match or just wear the eyes or the lips, it’s up to you!

Also worn as mentioned in most of the posts is one of the Ashley skins from Belleza available at Summerfest which is opening soon, you get 2 makeups in each tone along with brow options and she is STUNNING, small freckle patches, luscious lips and muted makeup.. YAY!     All of the eyes shown are from IKON and are from the Ascension eye range, available now at the Numerology Event and finally the hair is Willow from Alice Project and at the minute there is a MASSIVE sale going on, and also a new “Create Your Own” way of purchasing and dying hair, so you make sure you check that out too!

So many goodies at the fair, I will be back with some more shortly!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.

A lil grunge… a lil girly…

Today I am a bit of both!

LK Helps me Grunge it UP!

LK Prefabs have released SO MUCH lately… I decided it was time I grunged it up a little bit, this shed is just perfect for the job, it’s not massive, it’s not small, and it comes with or without baked shadows on.  What better to put in it than a bunch of other fantastic LK goodies?!    All from various sets and probably not meant to be put together, I did it anyway, because that’s the kind of rebel i am! RAWR!   You can get an array of items, but shown here are some scattered boxes, perfect for gifts too…. a stool and dining table, a gorgeous but plain rug, the dining hutch and fridge, a skateboard shelf (LOVE IT), a metal ladder and a hanging door… as well as the little bulbs you can see, which are from a recycled ladder light! It’s just gorgeous!  It’s like a little mancave, with a few girly touches 😛

LoTD - Bzzz

Then I decided to slip out of my Bikini and stop faffing about with my mangrungecave… and decided to go a little girly.   This gorgeous skirt and top ensemble can be found at Bees Through the Seasons and is a collab between NYU and Beehivve! and it’s just stunning!  The skirt comes with both black and brown belt as choice to purchase, and the top comes in four fantastic florals!   I chose the orange/yellow one though, because that’s how I roll!   I paired it with the gorgeous new Opera skin from Essences for TDR, one of 3 makeups available in this gorgeous pale tone, and to top it all off I have a new LOQ hair, which you can purchase in both left or right over the shoulder style (it does come with hairbase though, it’s not full head mesh), and the coin headband from MONS!

I think I look SUPER cute!  Now to go and look super cute in RL!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.

Green, is the magic number.

How ridiculous, Green isn’t a number at ALL, but it is one of my favourite colours, so you get a mini LoTD today!

LoTD - 11/03/13

Acid Lily Gallery is open with a new round, this Leri Miles Designs dress can be found there in an array of colours!  Everything is discounted and some of it is really fun stuff!  I really looooved the Green version of this dress, so here I am, prancing about in it for your viewing pleasure.   There are lots of items to choose from ranging from piercings to mesh clothing, poses to handbags and even shoes (well boots), so make sure you check it out.   I couldn’t resist the new Gos shoes, a gorgeous gladiator style (well at least in my mind) with a stiletto heel, these are perfect for making you as tall as your man, and kissing them silly!   I also couldn’t resist the new Magika hair, all new textures and even more value for money, who could say no to that???

MONS @ Skin Fair 2013

The skin I am wearing is the new skin from MONS for the Skin Fair 2013 that opens in just a mere few days!   This is the Cat skin shown here in just one tone, but available in three!  It comes with four makeups each on 2 versions of the skin, and with four different choices of brow colour.   Such a smooth looking skin with plump glossy lips and detailed eye makeup.  I’m not too sold on the heavy eye makeup, but I am really loving the natural kind of skin, on the top right!   MONS skins always make me feel unique and a little different from my usual self, I don’t what it is about them, they just change my face a little bit.   But cute nonetheless, right?! RIGHT!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available ❤

An Eventful Weekend

I am going to be super busy this weekend in RL, but I did want to try and blog something before I left, so I bring you lot a selection of goodies from various events! Hope you all have a great weekend ❤

FLF & Global Domination

First we have items from a fistful of events here.  The DIGS Bench/Seat is currently out for FLF, so if you want to snap up a bargain, you have to do it today!   It comes with a plethora of poses and is suitably neutral, to fit into any environment!   I thought instead of wearing the Global Domination Masks from HANDverk, I’d put them up as wall decoration because you can mod them, I think it looks great!  The Masks come in Red and Blue and both with or without Feathers too, they do make great decor.   Also worn is a dress from My Attic, but more about that below.

Mons @ Zodiac

These eyemakeups are just 12 of the 24 available from this months Zodiac Event from MONS.   There are 6 from one pack, and 6 from another, and you can also get a pack of lipsticks there too.  I really love how striking MONS makeups are, and the stripey ones are just excellent!   So vibrant and pretty.  It’s a great event, as usual, this round.  I hope to get back and blog some more of it before it’s over, but you should definitely check it out.

Finally the dress I was talking about above, you can see 6 of the many available from DCNY for this months My Attic, a relatively short event, but an awesome one! I  need to get over there and  buy all the things!   These are only $L95 while they are at My Attic, so get there before the 28th to snap up a bargain, but never fear they will be in store at full price after that, so they aren’t exclusive to the event!    They come in a range of styles, mostly, I would say, Spice Girl inspired and they are gorgeous. You can also wear the skirt/top separately, so that’s a nice bonus, mix and match away.  Each dress comes with a Microphone prop too, although here I am using some of Adorkables poses available there, they also come with a prop and as you can see, some great poses.

New @ My Attic

Also worn in the picture is a Glam Affair skin, and Gos Boutique shoes, finished off with IKON eyes.   I hope you go and and check these events out, they’re great!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page, if available

Day 21 of 365 LoTD Posts!

Hello everyone, just a quick post today as I’m all caught up in RL!

Day 21 of 365 LoTD

This LoTD mixes class with a bit of sass.   A majority of my items are from events and I have been meaning to blog some for a while! I have so much to blog and so little time now I’ve started the Gym in RL!   But hey, thats the way the cookie crumbles, isn’t it?!

I still haven’t taken off my Essences skin from TDR Fusion, I just LOVE it so much!!!!   Especially paired with this gorgeous dress from Ingenue that is available at Collabor88.   With it’s shiny metallic look and texturing, this dress is perfect at mixing classy with edgy and just divine.   For a hint of cute I put on the Cute Poison Necklace available at The Black Market atm, it was originally a reddy colour, but it’s editable so I tinted it a bit to go purple! WEE!   My gorgeous earrings are a MONS Group Gift and come in various metallic textures, I opted for Silver tho.   My hair is an older Wasabi Pills event hair that came in 2 variations, this is Valerie 2 and she is a long ponytail style.

Now I must go to zee gym and swim! BAI! ❤


Hair: Wasabi Pills | Valerie 2 | Chocolate
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Lagoon
Skin: Essences | Wednesday | Light *TDR Fusion*
Necklace: Cute Poison | Deathstone Necklace *The Black Market*
Earrings: MONS | Lightning Earring | Silver *Group Gift*
Dress: Ingenue | Metallisk | Plum *Collabor88*
Pose: *Frooti

LoTD – Day 15 of 365 and THEN SOME!

Stuff, I have new stuff!!

Day 15 of 365 LoTD!

A quick LoTD today, one where I wanted to showcase my new top and boots!  The top was part of last weeks FLF and if you didn’t get it, I’m sure it’ll be out full price soon, if it already isn’t!   I picked up UK, USA and Spain, obviously I am wearing the UK one here.   The boots are new for L’Accessories from Lassitude and Ennui and are called “Lazy Boots”!   A flat, slouchy pair of leathery goodness for your peepies!  They come in various colours, but I thought Black would compliment my outfit more.   The necklace I am wearing from MONS is also new for L’Accessories and is a Lions Head, very detailed mesh item that you can have in Bronze, Silver and Gold!   Matching Earrings and Rings available too 😀

Also worn is a new Exile hair, and some H.O.F shorts along with a Glam Affair – Amberly skin, more about the hair below!

Glam Affair have released a bunch of goodies lately, I recently blogged their Zoya Headdress, now it’s the turn for the Mesh Liners! I am not a girl that thinks to accessorize often, because I feel I don’t do it well.  Mesh Liners are one of those things I dread, because I can never get them to look as great as everyone else!   These are super easy to fit though and are a nice addition to your facial unit.  I prefer to think of them as lashes rather than eyeliner, and pretty ones at that!  There are various styles available, with just 8 shown below ranging from gem studded all over, a lil flick of gem in the corner, pearls and actual studs!!  Definitely must check these out, really great for pictures!

Mesh Liner @ Glam Affair

Finally, Exile released three new hairs! Little Talks, Stay the Night and Don’t Wait!   I don’t think I have a fave, because they’re all so lovely!   But I am quite partial to Stay the Night, the way it just lays over your shoulder and is a bit poofy on top, like sexy bedhead… but a lot better looking.   But whether you want a long ponyish style, the tidy bedhead, or a simple long style… you are going to find all you need at Exile!  If you don’t like this release (hi, you will), you are bound to looooove something else there for sure!

New @ Exile

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page 

Credits for LoTD

Hair: Exile *As Above*
Skin: Glam Affair | Amberly | Artic 12
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | City Lights | Green
Necklace: MONS | The Lion King | Silver *L’Accessories*
Top: Miel | Punk Racerback | UK
Shorts: Color.Me.H.O.F | Tailored Shorts | Black
Nails: Izzies | Metallic Nails
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui | Lazy Boots | Black *L’Accessories*
Pose: *Frooti

Christmas Eve!

Everyone is excited.. or are they?

LoTD - 24/12/12

I gotta admit I am feeling rather bah humbug this year, tomorrow when gifts are opened and faces are happy though, I know I’ll feel differently!  But what better to treat yourself to in SL than a nice new dress, some new hair and a new skin?? If only it were that easy in RL, right?  Well this dress is available from Sysys for the Capricorn round of Zodiac, it’s available in a handful of colours but I chose a festive red!  It’s a cute little dress that can be worn as dress or top, if you feel it’s too short!   The hair is another 12 Days of Christmas hair from Ploom and comes with and without the coontail option, but I rather like it with, makes for a bit of a change, no?  The skin is Al Vulo and is from TDR Fusion, Lyala is cute and gorgeous and comes with eyes and lashes too (not shown), and is a total steal!  YAY!

I decided to have a bit of a play with makeup today, with my new Al Vulo skin, I paired the MONS makeups available from TDR Fusion too.  MONS has two sets out, lipsticks and eyeshadows.  I was immediately drawn to the lips as they look so luscious and kissable, they come in some kooky colours but where is the fun in trying things on if you don’t get to look a bit different to the norm?!  I think my fave might actually be the Green, so cute!

Mons @ TDR Fusion | Lipsticks

The eyeshadows available are quite heavy and glittery as you can see, so definitely not for every day wear, unless this is what you wear every day, then yay! good job.  The sparkles are heavy, and there is a little splash of colour in the corners to co-ordinate outfits with. HUZZAH!

Mons @ TDR Fusion | Eyeshadow

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page, if available.