LoTD – Where the Wicked Begins

All the wicked starts somewhere…  Maybe the evil ones are really princesses shrouded in darkness.. have you ever thought about that?

LoTD - Where the Wicked Begins

LoTD - Where the Wicked Begins


Hair: Milk | Queen of the Court
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Skylight | Onyx
Skin: The Sugar Garden | Heartless | Witch *Enchantment*
Horns/Veil: The Sugar Garden | Veil Horns | Black *Enchantment*
Corset: a i s l i n g | Elsa *We Love Roleplay*
Pasties: League | Duct Tape
Skirt: Blueberry | Pleated Skirt | Black
Tattoo: (flaunt) | Freedom | Black – Faded
Shoes: SySys | Damita

Slink Hands: Dark Passions | Koffin Nails | Wreck *Debauch Gacha*
Loud Mouth: The Sugar Garden | Heartless | Witch


HopScotch | 100 Years of Sleep *Enchantment*
Books: Lark
Candles: Pixel Mode
House: Trompe Loeil
Fairies: Baiastice

SLURLS are on the Store Locations page, unless linked

It’s looking like a very merry christmas…

PRAISE THE LAWD! I HAVE A TREE!   Thanks to Convair & Pixel Mode I gots me a tree!   Of course I don’t really hang around in my house much because I have the overwhelming desire to tear it down constantly, but I HAVE ME A TREE!

Convair & Pixel Mode TREEEE

It’s the first item from the collab that is Convair and Pixel Mode and I hope there are many more,  This festive number comes in kit form.   You get everything as individual things, so you can put as many or as little as you want on the tree.  With 3 colours of bauble, a hanging star, lights, a tree topper and several bases to choose from, you can make this tree your own!

Convair & Pixel Mode Tree - Up Close and Personal

I also wanted to show off the lovely cami set from Lacuna that I have on!   This xmas flavour of cami is candy cane and it is delicious!   It comes in all the standard sizes, and the panties and cami come as separates, obviously!   Such a pretty little number, was perfect for me doing the tree, until my sis landed on my head and I looked like a loner in my undercrackers!

Lacuna - Xmas Cami Set!Other items worn from Truth, Glam Affair and IKON!

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page


New Lodgings!

So The Garden @ TLC has been open a few days and this round is inspired by “The Lodge” and there are lots of rustic lodgey goodies for you, just a couple of stores featured in today’s blog post cos I have a RL thing to do! YAY RL THINGS!

Pixel Mode @ TLC

There are a few log cabins, well a couple there, and there are ones popping up all over the grid, it’s that time of year!  I love this one from Pixel Mode.  It comes with fully functioning fire that you can see in the picture below and makes the perfect fall getaway, or winter, or well.. whatever you want really.  It’s woody, it’s delicious.   What more can I say?!   The texturing is AMAZING and it feels so real when you’re stood inside it.  HUZZAH AND HURRAH!

Bauwerk @ TLC!


Inside I popped a few of Bauwerks goodies out, there are tons of things to choose from, Paco and Manu always do so much!!   This gorgeous Lodge style bed is just one of the items, it comes in both PG and Adult and has an array of animations and four styles to choose from, the pillows are texture change so you can match your decor.   The lamp you see comes in many colours too, both with a right and a left plug, so you can have one either side, but I chose to put the gorgeous rose vase out on the other side, that’s not MY side of the bed, so whoever (note nobody) sleeps that side, they won’t have light. SUCKS TO BE THEM!  They’re close to the fire tho.   The item that made my day tho was the Deer Head, it comes with 2 versions, one a bit naughty with some undercrackers on it, I had to put that one out because that’s how I roll!  Make sure you check out ALL the wonderful goodies, and you enjoy your weekends ❤

Bauwerk @ TLC - The Lodge

*SLURLS are on the store locations page

I was abducted!

Well, technically I went peacefully… a week by the sea! It was BLISS, well… mostly.   I didn’t even have a phone signal out there, it felt alien to me!   So what better to return to blogging with than a post with some of the fantastic goodies on offer from this round of The Garden from TLC!   The theme this time has a retro/alien vibe and you can find items both cute AND stunning, maybe even both!

Invasion of the...

I tried to make this look a little eerie, I don’t think I fared all that well, but it is what it is!   These retro tables, stools and lights you can see are all from Trompe Loiel and they come in an array of colours, most of them shown, but you probably can’t see all that well… TRUST ME, they are yummy.   Such gorgeous mesh work, fabulous texturing… why wouldn’t you want them!?:?  It doesn’t matter if you own a diner, you can make them work. I DID!   On them you see the cute Garden Gnome Aliens from Olive, but I thought they looked cute as decor on them there tables, so I just did it!    So intricate and cute!   The picture you can see on the wall is also available from Olive in an array of different colour frames.     The Jukebox is from Standby, I opted for the Yellow, a stunning piece… everyone should own one.     Finally the piece that made me smile and is actually supposed to be worn, the spaceship outside the window!  Available from Pixel Mode in an array of colours and a HUD to change the abduction beam, it makes the perfect decoration too!  YAY!

It’s good to be back, I have a lot of catching up to do! Apololgies if you im’d me or sent me anything while I was away, I capped and then deleted my emails by mistake! SORRY! ❤

The Home Show

Less than 24 hours to go and then The Home Show will be open! If you haven’t been to this event before, you’re missing out (or you’re new, then you’re forgiven)… It’s one of SL’s finest Home and Garden Events and IT IS UPON US AGAIN!

So much to show you, but I am going to start with one of my favorite pieces:

Coming to The Home Show from Pixel Mode

This is the gorgeous offering from Pixel Mode, it comes in both PG and Adult and is absolutely bloody stunning!   The cutest little house that looks great on a beach, in a forest, surrounded by green, or surrounded by rocks.. whatever, this house makes its surroundings its own because it’s just THAT lovely.   It’s not overly big, so fits in nicely on a small plot, and it’s mesh, so the LI isn’t that mental! YAY!    You get a lovely little hexagon (well kinda) shaped patio/decking area… so you can put out chairs and a table, deckchairs… a bbq! Whatever floateth your boat.

Inside is just as gorgeous as you can see from the picture below (click through for larger).  It comes complete with a crisp light linen covered bed, the most beautiful working fan ceiling (you can see the shadow on the bed, if you’re wondering what the funny shape is), a stunning shower that has just first class, top notch detail and is complete with working water, as you can see!  OH EM GEE, it’s so goddamn gorgeous (I nearly swore then, oops).   You get a bunch of props to use in the poses available, and some even rez when you use the corresponding pose!

You get couples and singles poses on both the bed and the shower, and with the Adult version you get extra additional “naughty” poses too!    I cannot recommend this highly enough, the detailing, the texturing, the thought gone into this is just amazing, and the poses you get are awesome and abundant!   This is a must. A MUST.

Coming to The Home Show from Pixel Mode - Insides

SLURLS are not yet available, but keep tuned, I have MANY more posts to go! ❤

Daydream Believer

But not a homecoming queen.   Today I decided to go for something a little different.  A lot of the time I have ideas in my head that I just can’t get out! I suck at stuff, but I am digging water pictures, so you get another of those. SORRY! (click through for bigger pics)

Daydream Believer

The Dreamer Bed comes from the very talented Tya Fallingbridge, and comes in both Black and White for this months FaMESHed… you can also get the candleholders you see, in 3 different heights.    It’s a really dreamy looking bed, hence the name, with hanging stars and crisp looking linen sheets.   There are various couples poses and a few singles too, even one reading a book that rezzes when you swap to it, so you don’t have to worry about losing pesky props!  Such a gorgeous, well made bed, that is perfect for the teen or adult and with both Black and White options, you can fit it into almost any decor too!   YAY!  My feet are from GOS and my pose is from Frooti!

LoTDish... 06/03/13

Also from FaMESHed is this Slip Dress from Cracked Mirror and Hair from Exile!   The Dress comes in various colours and is a sexy little number.   It’s definitely going to go more in my undercrackers folder than my dress one, but I think you could happily get away with either.  It’s a gorgeous Satin looking number with a slit side and will help you out while you are in your gorgeous new bed, nudge nudge, wink wink.   The hair is, as usual, divine from Exile! A bit of a bigger, slightly swept longer style this time, perfection is a word that I love to use when it’s deserved, and this is well and truly deserved!  The skin I am wearing is one of the Pink Fuel Arcade Skins!!!    I didn’t have as many goes as I’d like on the machine, as I started to get doubles, but this is the “Ghost” one, and it’s hauntingly beautiful and it’s only $L100 per play!!!! HUZZAH!

Deliriums Spiral @ SongBird

For this final, close up picture, I am showing you the Twisted Hunt 2013 item from Songbird!   You get this gorgeous pair of swirly mesh eyes, and the makeup swirl too!  It makes for a bit of a different look, and a change from the norm and it’s a hunt gift!! How much more could you ask for, hmmm?

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available!

Day 16 of 365 LoTD!

Another day, another look!

Day 16 of 365 LoTD Posts

I’m still playing around with my laptop lighting and windlights and settings, so apologies if my pictures are a bit all over the place!   I wanted a LoTD where I practised using my Tangos again, so DCNY was my go to folder, I blogged just a few days ago how they released a bunch of tops with appliers, so this time I popped on the Shrug Top and practised a bit, I think I am slowly getting to grips with them, but now I want to make my shape slightly curvier and larger, shame I deleted all my bigger mesh sizes while inventory sorting! HURR HURR!!!  Doh!

Anyway, a simple, classy LoTD, with a couple of simple accessories and I even donned shoes for the occasion. GET ME!  Check out the new FAKE Skin Gatchas available in store too, this is one of the rare skins! WEEE!

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page, if available


Hair: Truth | Zuzka | Seasand w/Roots
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | City Lights | Colorful | Green
Skin: FAKE | Miel | Pale Tone | Gatcha Skin 1 (Rare)
Top: DCNY | Shrug Top | Mellow *Tango’d*
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui | Scorpio Key Necklace | Gold/Purple
Skirt: Pixel Mode | Sami | Coffee
Nails: Jamman | Ultra Mesh Fingernails
Shoes: SLink | Aveela | Herringbone
Pose: Adorkable Poses

Day 8 of 365 LoTD Posts

…and how appropriate it’s a Collabor88 Look!

Day 8 of 365 LotD - Collabor88 Style

The new round of C88 is full of gorgeous goodies, I blogged some of the more homely side earlier, I wanted to use some items from my LoTD though and I was truely spoiled!  The first thing i fell in love with was the Tulip Dress from E! I chose a lighter colour and it’s just beauitful, so satiny looking and such a unique shape… it looked perfect to pair with the sparkly Diamond Necklace from Yummy, so I did! I know right, living life on the edge, me.

Glam Affair @ Collabor88

The next item that caught my eye and totally matched the dress was this headpiece by Glam Affair!  Sooo pretty and nothing too wild or too in your face (ok a bit literally, but not much!) and something that I think just tops off the outfit nicely, I am also wearing one of the three skins available from Glam Affair too, this is Renee in Trending 03, love the glossy lips on this one and the muted eye makeup.    Also worn is the new Clawtooth Hair, well one of them, in the exclusive Dip Dye Glitter tone!   You can’t really see very well because I chose a lighter tone, but trust me, you need these hairs.

Overall I love this round of C88 and I am pretty confident tomorrows LoTD might be C88ish too!

Poses from Adorkable, Eyes from IKON and Nails from Pixel Mode

Hair: Clawtooth Z| Dance Magic | Snow Dream | Blonde *Collabor88*
Skin: Glam Affair | Renee | Trending 03 *Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Sapphire
Headpiece: Glam Affair | Hanami Headpiece | Black *Collabor88*
Necklace: Yummy | Teardrop Gemstone Necklace | Diamond *Collabor88*
Dress: E! | Tulip Dress | Snow *Collabor88*
Nails: Pixel Mode | Diamond Edition Mesh Nails
Pose: Adorkable Poses

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page for Events and Stores, if available

Plethora of Pretties!

Hellloooooo!! I am desperately trying to catch up on my blogging, how can someone blog once a day and still feel behind!? Because people release so many wonderful items!  My blog folder is a mile long, so this post is going to be kinda huuuuuge! I’ll keep the wiffle waffle to minimum incase you actually do read the post, and just throw pictures of myself at you 😀

First we will start with a simple Look of the Day!  Sakide have this lovely Frost outfit out, and there is a matching mens set too (sans skirt :P), it’s mesh, it’s pretty and intricate lace, it’s just lovely!  It comes with mittens and scarf and of course with various sizes of mesh skirt/collar etc.   I’m also wearing the gorgeous new PXL VIP Skin!  Faith Old Hollywood is a grey skin with a gorgeous pop of ruby red lips, perfect for your monochrome shots, which I kinda achieved here, except with the lips and hair!  The hair is also new from Lamb, one of two fantastic styles!

Winter @ Sakide

Over at Pixel Mode, now Tya has finished building the Oz sim (blogged just before this post – Strangelings!) she has started releasing again!  I spoke to her last night in world and she said she wanted to get some holiday releases out, and just look!  SO MANY SCARVES.. and Mittens! CUTE MITTENS!   The first picture showcases the colours available in both the mittens and scarves, the basic, no frills colours… just knitted (or suede for the mittens) goodness!

Winter @ Pixel Mode - Scarves

This picture showcases the mittens in all their meshy glory, and the not so plain scarves!  There are stripes, leopard spots and checks in a variety of colours.   I really love these scarves, they are simple but do the job wonderfully, they also come in 5 sizes, which I didn’t realise before I’d shrunk my chest, so if you’re a bigger chested lady, don’t worry, this is the smallest size and my chest was set to around 30, and there are four bigger sizes, yay!  The mittens are just lovely, the texturing is amazing and the colours are so adorable!  I love the pastels. YAY PM!

Winter @ Pixel Mode - Mittens & Scarves

After I begrudingly removed my PXL skin (however creepy does that sound!?) I popped on my new Essences Skin, this will be available at the brand new TDR Fusion and oh em gee, gorgeous!!  I am wearing the other new Lamb hair in this one and a new mesh dress from Phosphenes, shown here in just two of the four colour available, the dress oozes cute and innocent… of course what it’s doing on me, I don’t know, I am guessing I am totally on the naughty list this year!

New @ Phosphenes

Here are the three makeups you get with the skin, you also get a variety of blushes too .  I really REALLY love this skin, it’s so smooth and natural looking, even with the makeups, it’s just one of those skins that you feel at home in, ya know?  Inka is coming on in leaps and bounds with her skin work and this shows it.  You get a variety of brows too, only three shown here, and I didn’t wear lashes so you could get a better look! GORGEOUS!

Essences @ TDR Fusion

Finally! Cheeky Pea and HANDverk have these wonderful Yule items out at the new Mens Department! I must admit, I’ve never been before.. I think I’ve been missing out! Not everything is for the boys (sorry guys, we like to muscle in where we can), and I must now go EVERY time!  This mesh Antler Tree is just… the best tree EVER! Isla does such great work, and this is no exception… I feel it will take pride of place in ALL my SLhouses this year.  Also something I fell in love with, the Cardboard Head from HANDverk!  LOOK! ITS SO CUTE!! It comes in traditional cardboard with wreath, of this minimalistic white one with just one bauble, the reflection of the head is in the bauble too! I love little details like that, well done HANDverk!

Winter @ Mens Dept

All poses used are from aDORKable Poses, one of the best posers on the grid, in the loveliest way! ❤

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page ❤

New New NEW

Hallo errrrbody!  A few new things for you today on this splendid Saturday morn!  The Arcade opens today, so I expect it to be rammed for a while, so I will be visiting later.. will you??   You should, because there are some of the most awesomesauce things there, including a bunch of bags by The Secret Store… I found an novel and unique way to display my bag collecton, I hung them up on the wall, like pictures… better than shoving them in a closet, no?

These bags are some of the cutest I have seen, I am not a huge “bag” person, I find it so hard to accessorize, I don’t know why and I forget I own them!  These babies are superrrrr though.  The two at the top you can see are the two “rares”, the angry owl one actually made me squee… and the Granny one is not old fashioned fuddy duddy, it’s adorable!! There are plenty of others to collect from pastel sequins to bright polka dots, and these aren’t all the ones available, just a mere handful!

New @ Secret Store for The Arcade

Also open today for a brand new round is FaMESHed!!  This hair is available from Wasabi Pills and I love it! I am really enjoying the hairs that you wear with a base, like one half shaved etc, not usually my thing as I don’t feel I can pull them off but I fell in love with this one!  I’d really like to see it in a full head of hair style too!  Either way I know it looks good on my head, and it’s worth fatpacking, so if you haven’t already nabbed it, remember to demo then buy buy buy!!!!   The skin I am wearing is one of the new Glam Affair Amberly skins that I blogged last week, gorgeous still!

New @ Wasabi Pills

You might need to click through to the bigger picture for the next few items but it’ll be worth it!   coldLogic had a huge release just the other day, full of jackets with tops, cute cowl necked sweaters and skirts.  I paired one of each item together for you to have a quick look, but as usual the range of colour options available is massive!   You can get plain double breasted jackets with both plain and striped tops underneath, the cutest open jacket with shirts underneath, in plain and a plaidish style, and two of the most comfy looking sweaters complete with bow belt!   The skirts are a wardrobe staple and come in plain and pinstripe and have a really wooly look and feel to them, some great ideas for winter wear and you can mix match with jeans, trousers… hell anything you want! Very versatile.

New @ coldLogic

Also new are some great new shoes from Pixel Mode.  They come in two textures, both shiny and leather… I have snapped each of the colours available below.  They do come with attached foot, but they also come with a really detailed HUD which you can see at the bottom of the post!   You can see there are a good range of colours to choose from, whether bright lime green is your thing, or classic black leather, pretty sure you will find the shoe to suit you!

New @ PixelMode

Not only are these shoes extremely well made and look gorgeous, you can customise them as seen below!  Certain parts of the shoe are colourchangeable, via the HUD, so you can mix and match to suit your outfit! Love it.  They are unrigged mesh and you can click on the shoes/feet to change the height, width, length etc to resize, and the HUD is used to change the skin tone, the shoe colour and stuff!  Really do love these shoes, they are classy, sexy and cool!

New @ PixelMode

Audrey Wedge HUD @ Pixel Mode

*SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations Page!