I am friggin.. ADORKABLE.

Well, technically, I am Willis! But I do bring you me looking kinda dorky and adorable, and poses by Adorkable, so it fits, right?

Adorkable @ Zodiac

YES, my hair is going through my arms in some of them, but I lack the brainpower to edit them, but I think you can tell that it’s not going to happen with ALL hairs, I just needed to fit my hair over my dress, and forgot about my arms. SO THERE.  The above poses are the Sunny pack, available for the Taurus round of Zodiac!   So fun loving 😀    The dress and necklace I am wearing are new from Pure Poison and I gotta say I LOVE this dress!!  The detail is just lovely and it makes me feel so girly with the poufy skirt, like I could prance around all day on tippy toes!   The skin is the TDRF item from Al Vulo and is stunning, as usual, and the hair is the new and gorgeous Aphrodite from Alice Project, never will I tired of AP hair and the HUDS.. such a wide variety YAY!

Adorkable @ My Attic

This second set is available from My Attic and is Ella!   In Dork’s picture half of them are dressed “pauper” and half are dressed “princess”.. I obviously opted for urban chic (hahaha chic, i kid i kid)… but I did want to wear the new CandyDoll Jeans! I love these!!!  I love the big belt, something different in SL is always good and I didn’t own jeans like this!   The skin is also from CandyDoll and is the new yummy Layla, she comes in various tones, this is Cream, the 2nd lightest.   She also comes with oodles of optional to purchase makeups, so thats good 😀    My hair is one of the 3 releases at Fantasy Faire 2013 from Wasabi Pills, all pretty much unisex if you ask me, but you didn’t but that’s my opinion so there. END OF STORY.

Full credits below. HAPPPPPY SUNDAY ❤


Look 1:

Hair: Wasabi Pills | Erika | Chocolate *Fantasy Faire*
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: CandyDoll | Layla | Natural | Cream *NEW*
Top: Sn@tch | Mesh Spangle Tee | White
Jeans: CandyDoll | Skinny Jeans | Shade 1
Sneakers: TD | Spring Sneakers

Look 2:

Hair: Alice Project | Aphrodite
Eyes: IKON | Eternal | Field
Skin: Al vulo | Aisha | Peacock *TDRF*
Dress: Pure Poison | LouLou Dress | Linen & Gold
Necklace: Pure Poison | Sienna Necklace | Orange

Day 7 of 365 LoTD Posts & Prism!

Hellooooo, good morning, welcome to Day 7!

Day 7 of 365 LoTD Posts

A simple LoTD today!   Just a sexy new dress I picked up from Sn@tch, Ivey releases so much that I fall behind constantly, I saw this recently and knew I needed it and finally yesterday I remembered to scoot on over and pick it up!  Make sure you DEMO anything from Sn@tch, because sometimes I am a M, sometimes I am an S and on occasion I am an L!   And of course you buy by size, so you get all the colours in just the size you want!  YAY!    I paired it up with Exile’s gorgeous new hair that you got a sneak peek of last night, from FaMESHed, a longer style with whispy strands and all the makings for a staple hair.   To accessorize I wanted something simple, so opted for the Marrakesh Heart Necklace from Maxi Gossamer in Silver.  My nails are the Diamond Edition Mesh Nails from Pixel Mode, tinted to look dark, and my skin is new from Insufferable Dastard!  Lily is a Single Skin Pack and comes with skin, shape, eyes and 6 extras including freckles, lashes and makeup on tattoo layers and all for under $L400! YAY!

Also today, I bring you the new Seattle Mountain Cabin from Prism!  Yep, Lilly has delved into the house making world and you are in for a TREAT! Everything Prism churns out is so detailed and gorgeous, and this cabin is no exception to that rule.   It’s not huge, so you don’t have to worry about having to fill hundreds of rooms up, but it’s big enough to get some gorgeous looks going on.  I have chosen to show the shell, as I usually do with new houses, so you get a feel for the space.

Everything you can see except the large tree with lanterns (which is from New Trails) comes with the house, of course if you don’t want the rocks and plants you can simply take them away, but for a noob like me that cannot landscape to save my life, it’s a nice start.

New @ Prism | Outer

When you step up onto the porch you’re greeted with a double opening door and a porch swing and you’re already feeling super rustic.  As you enter you’re met with an open space area with a gorgeous working fireplace and stacked mirror frames with 2 lights either side, above you, you get a petal shaped light/fan dealio and to the right you have a small opening with a smaller side room with windows looking out.   When you turn to your right you get a door into another room of good size complete with side window and gorgeous bay window too!   The perfect house for a small but happy family!

New @ Prism | Inner

*SLURLS can be found, if available, on the Store Locations page.

LoTD – 16/12/12

Hallo ratfans, I have a busy day in RL today with family visiting, but I wanted to get at least one post out there incase I can’t manage to get back! (I’m sure I will, after all the kids have got to sleep at some point right? Or Santa won’t visit! BWHAHAA)

I’m being a bit mean with this Look of the Day.. why?  Because I’m wearing an unreleased hair! I’M SORRY! I just tried it on this morning and was like LOVE THIS.  I don’t know when Elika will be releasing it, but as soon as I get a sneak peek, it normally means it’s imminent!  It’s a cute and curlyish up do with bow! Perfect to wrap yourself up for Christmas with!  I will, of course, let you know when the full release is out, but keep an eye in the Elikatira blog too!  Also worn is the 3rd Day of Christmas gift from Auxiliary, this gorgeous Paige skin!  Make sure you snap all the gifts up before they go.  The final, and main piece I wanted to show was this sexy corset style dress from Sn@tch!   It’s short, it’s leather… what more could you want to look super sexy and cute at the same time?

LoTD - 16/12/13

Also Evolve are having a sale, you should totally check it out, there is an array of AWESOME for you to buy, if you don’t already own it!

.evolve. Winter Sale

More later, I hope! ❤

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations page

Sn@tch yourself a bargain!

Sn@tch is one of those stores in SL that I could spend all day in, and never completely be sure if I own everything, because the releases are so MASSIVE!!   I have put together a bunch of pics from some of the previous recent releases!

The thing I love most about Sn@tch is that it’s not always separates, it’s not always outfits, it’s not always mesh, it’s not always texture, it’s a mixture of ALL of those things!  In the latest release there were a bunch of tops!  My fav has to be the Bebe Knit Polka Dot Top (2nd small pic bottom).  It’s so prettyyyyyyy and it comes with sculpted sleeves that are a lil see through for a hint of sexy.  It also comes in an array of colours, like most Sn@tch releases!  The Emilie Mesh Cashmere Sweater isn’t far behind in the ZOMG love stakes (1st small pic bottom).  This comes with an underlayer to make it look like a sweater with a hem too, and it fits perfectly with the Fiona Mesh Corduroy Skirts!  You can see one of the skirts in the first big picture in the collage, along with another of the awesome top releases, the Star Sweater!

New @ Sn@tch | Ploom

The other items are all bits and bobs, I particularly love the Kirstie Wrapped Top Set (2nd small pic top), in which I have done the opposite to Ivey’s vendor and worn the wrap top UNDER the blouson instead of over it, CONFORMITY ISN’T FOR ME, both tops come in 2 variations of layers so you can go over or under!  On the end we have a cute semi sheer top that comes in an array of colours and would look great with skirt, leggings or well, nothing, if you are feeling frisky!  All of the items are adorable, awesome value for money and something you NEED to own!

These Mesh boots are also from Sn@tch.  The Equinox Boots come in all the flavours shown and are actually AWESOME.  They come in various sizes, and of course there are demos.  They aren’t rigged so you can fiddle about with them too, they mix and match wonderfullly with an array of items from the Sn@tch store, as well as other stores.  I particularly love the glittery star ones, and the black and white ones.  Which flavour is YOUR fave??!

Equinox Boots @ Snatch

The hair I am wearing in the pics are all new hairs from Ploom!   Hanna, Henna and Josie!  A cute piggy style, an updo and a longer style!  All of them are totes adorbs but I think my fave is Hanna, which is the updo!  I love the dips in Ploom styles, but I need to stop wearing crazy colours that don’t match my outfit, although I seem to have forgotten that above, the choice of colour packs are amazing tho, and I love that they are HUD controlled so you don’t have to have 10 hairs sitting in your inventory, just the hair in the size you want, and the HUD! YAY!

Also worn is the new skin from Sui Generis!  She’s probably a little plainer than I normally go for, and I don’t think the lips suit me very well, but I wanted to try and break out of the norm and give it a go!  Hattie is available soon and I think if you demo and love it, you won’t be disappointed, it’s a very well made skin, perhaps not suited to Willis’ shape (and I don’t channnnnge it) but  the shading is awesome, and the choice of tones is wide!

All SLURLS are on the Store Locations Page!


LoTD – Sn@tch Style and a bit of Baffle!

A few things for you guys this time around! I’ll try not to waffle on much 😀

First off this first picture encapsulates the wonderful events going on at the moment and what you can gain from them (in exchange for lindens, obvs)!  This beautiful arrangement of giant clock, chairs, rug, vase and cup of steaming coffee is available from this months FAIR event, and is from Baffle!  It is a posed set, so you can sit down and watch time idle away before your very eyes, or you can put the clock on the wall and pretend you’re very tiny, whichever works better for you!  The stunning coat I am wearing is from Baiastice and was one of the Cinema items that they offered, it’s absolutely wonderful.  It’s not normally my thing, maybe, but I did fall in love.  It comes with matching hat too, if you want to wear it and is available in many colours, I had to go traditional tweed tho. I really did!  Finally the shoes that you can’t see very well (sorry, I did take a close up but it went all wonky) are from Ingenue and are for this months Zodiac Event!   The skin is from Leverocci and is also an event item, you can get that at The Costume Ball!  So there you have it, a bunch of events bringing you a bunch of goodies, whodda thunk it?

Fair | Cinema | Zodiac Goodies

Next is a real quick LoTD style post, with MORE event goodies. YEP!  This whole ensemble is rom Sn@tch, well the top and the jeans, and they are NEW items… which are excluded from the huge Sn@tch sale going on right now, BUT… I did pick up a bunch of other awesome, reduced price items!!  I just couldn’t resist these too! I adore these jeans like whoa, and they aren’t even mesh! Get me.. oldskool Willis rocking the texture! 😛   The earrings I am wearing are from Glow Studios and are available TDRb, a close up of those below.   The skin, once again is the Jem skin from Leverocci, a beautiful, whimsical looking skin, makes me look very smooth and young!

LoTD - Sn@tch Style!

The hair is from LoQ and is also a TDRb item, and as you can see, it’s a simple pony, and you get the fatpack for just $L70!  I can’t get over how much I love these earrings either, I’m not a huge statement jewellery type person, but these definitely fell into my love pile.

Leverocci @ Costume Ball

So there you go, a handful of gorgeousness almost ALL from Events.  Who says events are bad? pfft.

Credits for LoTD Picture

Skin: Leverocci | Jem | Pale *The Costume Ball*
Hair: LOQ | Vanilla Tart | Black *TDRb*
Nails: TGIS | Glitter Nail Collection
Earrings: Glow Studio | Secret Earrings *TDRb*
Eyes: Sorry.Asia | Never | Emerald
Top: Sn@tch | Sienna Halter | Pewter
Jeans: Sn@tch | Sacrifice Jeans | Silver *NEW*
Boots: Leverocci | Range Boots | Coal
Pose: *Frooti

Credits for Time is Running Out Picture

Props: Baffle | Time is Running Out *Fair*
Hair: LOQ | Vanilla Tart | Black *TDRb*
Skin: Leverocci | Jem | Pale *The Costume Ball*
Coat: Baiastice | Edy | Tweed/Choco *Cinema*
Shoes: Scorpius | Sepia *Zodiac*

LoTD 20-09-12!

This is my look de jour!  I am loving this dark gothy makeup on the TDR skin from YS & YS, so I thought it would look good with the new Sn@tch Wendy Calico Skirt!  Which I accidently purchased in small, sooo if I look slimmer than usual, that’s why!!!   Then I wondered what I could put with them to complete the look!  The Cropped Sweater from Shabby Cat won in the top stakes, and the GOS Triumph Boots in the feet stakes… as for the hair, I am still digging my new Action do!

LoTD - 20/09/12

That is it for my LoTD today!


Hair:  Action | Stefani | Ombre V1
Skin:  YS & YS | Alice | Dark (TDR)
Eyes:  FATEeyes
Top:  Shabby Cat | Cropped Sweater | Black
Skirt:  Sn@tch | Wendy Calico Skirt | Rust
Boots:  GOS | Triumph
Pose:  *Frooti

LoTD – 18/09/12


Todays post de jour is a LoTD including some new, and awesome items!

The boots are new from Lassitude & Ennui and are this months L’accessories item!  They come in a range of colours and are meshy, yayyy mesh!   I absolutely adore these, Jackal seems to always make stuff that is sexy.. but still chic and stylish.

The top is from Sn@tch and is one of the newer items, it’s not mesh, it’s not sculpt, it’s plain old texture and goes to show that texture can still = sexy!!
LoTD - 18/09/12

The rest of the look is comprised of items that are a bit older.  One of my fav hairs from Wasabi Pills, and it’s an old FLF item and of course one of my FAV EVER jewellery pieces because it contains green and pink in the same place, it’s the Pearl Necklace from HANDverk, and it’s an old L’accessories item.

I got the shorts from Ducknipples Marketplace, they’re mesh and yummy and come with a colour change HUD, although I do find DN mesh to be a bit hit and miss with me, I had to adjust my legs to fit these and the legs STILL look too wide on MY legs, so who knows, I didn’t have time to mess!!

I’m still wearing the new Izzies Faith Skin in Sunkissed, I have to venture and try another tone soon, but for now, I’m digging this one!

That’s about it ❤


Hair:  Wasabi Pills | Brigitte | Vanilla Pudding *Old FLF*
Skin:  Izzies | Faith | Sunkissed *NEW*
Lashes:  Celestial Studios *No Longer Available*
Eyes:  IKON | Sunrise
Top:  Sn@tch | Vicious Sweater | Pink *NEW*
Necklace:  HANDverk | Pearl Necklace | Pink/Silver *Old L’Accessories*
Shorts:  Ducknipple | Cargo Shorts *NEW*
Stockings:  Canimal | Ripped Fishnets | Black *No Longer Available*
Boots:   Lassitude & Ennui | Phoebe | Black *L’Accessories*
Pose:  *Frooti



It’s been a long old slog for me today, and it didn’t help when I emptied my entire gatcha folder onto my head.  Infact, it only JUST stopped doing it after these pics, I was snapping and detaching, snapping and detaching lol!

Anyway, this is my LoTD!  The dress is the new Mesh Glitter Slip from Sn@tch, it’s sooooo cute! It comes in two packs, this is one of the pastels!  I paired it with the new A&A shoes – Lena! These shoes are SO effin’ cute it’s untrue, I’ve done a close up below, you HAVE to check them out, they are t-strap style and have a cute lil toe cap lace doily effect!  They come in MANY colours, in my LoTD I am wearing Rainbow and they have a lil wing on the side, weeee!  The hair is from Ploom and we will talk about that below, and the skin is new from Izzies! again we will talk about that below, WEEEE!

LoTD 17/09/12

This is the close up of the shoes, HOW GORGEOUS?????  Even inside they are yummy!

New @ A&A

The new Izzies skin comes in 10 skin tones (I am wearing Sunkissed), in each pack you get dark/light/blonde and red brows, and then the same again with cleavage, freckles on tattoo layers, 12 lipsticks on tattoo layers, 10 eyeshadows on tattoo layers, nail base, 1 mod/copy shape and 1 mod/copy eyebrow shape!  These are just three combos I made:

New @ Izzies


There are also some lipgloss tattoos on sale, both for light and dark tones.. so make sure you demo!  Three samples below!  I do love Izzies skins, they are always so clean and fresh looking, and they make me look SCRUMMY, so thumbs up here!

Izzies Gloss Sample

OK! Two new hairs from Ploom!  Christah and Marshmellow!  Two super cute styles!  One over the shoulder longer style, with a bit of a kink to it! and Marshmellow is a pig poofy side pony with long bangs swept over the face!  I really love the dipped options in Ploom hairs, they are so tasty looking!

New @ Ploom

Also two new styles from LOQ!  Barcardi and Cotton Candy for TDRb!  Barcardi is a poofy bun style with wispy bits and bobs, it’s soooo sexy looking!  Kinda sorta outta bed loose bun stylee!!  If that isn’t your thing then the TDRb hair might be! It’s a long, straight style, sleek and sexy!  Two awesome hairs!

New @ LOQ

Finally, at C88… new D!va! hair!  Aya shown here in the C88 special texture, comes in three parts!  You get the two bun/updo styles, and then you get a mesh addon piece that sits over the shoulders.  I do love D!va hair for the wispy look, it has a lovely appeal!

New @ C88 | Diva!

LoTD – A Lil Sn@tched Evolve!


This was supposed to be my LoTD yesterday, but RL got busy and I haven’t had a chance to post it, and I am technically still dressed like this sooooo it’s todays LoTD!

It’s made up of items that are new… to me, and some generally new!  The skirt is new from Evolve, and comes in various colours, it’s suchhhh a wonderful fit on the hips that it makes me SUPER happy, it would look great as is, or with leggings, love evolve ❤  I paired it with an older shirt from Crazy I have and one of the new Corsets from Sn@tch!  I think the two tops make a WONDERFUL pairing!

With myself dressed I decided the only hair for the job was one of the new Exile hairs (which I blogged just yesterday!) in the new Dirty tone, and I think I was spot on!  Skin is from Izzies and is the VIP skin for the month!  I still have to swing by and pick up Faith, muuuust remember!!   Finally, I saw Gogo blog these Compulsion shoes a while back and went out and got them immediately, but this is my first time wearing them!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

LoTD - 15/09/12

Evolve also has a sale on atm! So get your tush over there 😀


Hair: Exile | Release Me | Dirty *NEW*
Skin: Izzies | Faith | Frost *VIP GIFT*
Eyes: IKON | Sunrise
Shirt: Crazy | Thin Shirt | White
Corset:  Sn@tch | Wanderer Ribbed Corset | Black *NEW*
Skirt: Evolve | Fade.Skirt | Gray *NEW*
Shoes: Compulsion | Envy | Black
Pose: Frooti*


Ploom Newness and a LoTD!

Hiii! Happy Tuesday!

Hely of Ploom recently released three new hairs! Yuri, Kelsey and Twiddle!  All come in the usual colour combos with various colour packs avec HUDs to choose from! I love the dipped colours, THEY ARE MY FAV… but I did try to look reasonably normal too >.>

All are rigged mesh, so bear that in mind before purchasing!   I think my fav has to be Twiddle, she’s big, she’s brassy.. she’s beauuuuiful.  They, of course, are all stunning, so you must go and take a look!  The top I am wearing is from the new collab brand, Auxillary!  More to come about them soon 😀


I worked one of the hairs into my LoTD, along with the gorgeous new Johanna skin from MONS, the new Mesh Shorts from Erratic and some new poses from Ploom too!

New @ Ploom

Love love LOVE this new Mons Skin! The Johanna skin comes in 3 skin tone (Pale (shown) – Light – Bronze) and there are 5 different makeups in each tone pack, each with cleavage and brow options (brown, dark, light (shown), and red)!  Beauuuuutiful!  I put that on then needed to put the new Erratic Mesh Shorts on! They come in OODLES of colours, but I opted for dip dyed yellow, my FAAVVV colour!   They are lovely and bootilicious!  Paired it up with the Petal Bralet top from Sn@tch and was GOOD TO GO!

Pose used is also new from Ploom, so check out the poses while you are there, each set comes with a curvy option as well as the “regular” option! YAY!