HI! I am so busy rn that I am tripping over myself trying to do a MEEEELLLION things, but here I am with a quick post showcasing some new, and spectacular lashes from Slackgirl! HOORAH!

Slackgirl - Party Lashes! WOOHOO!

I do not faff with lashes, I have the ones I like that I have painstakingly made fit and I do not stray – I envy those that can edit lashes SO HARD – but Slackgirl made it easy for by making these lashes that fit SO EFFIN WELL on the Catwa Annie Head I was already wearing WOOHOO!

Slackgirl @ FAD Event

Also showcased are one of the many pairs of Iris Eyes from TSG! Only $L100 a pair and SO GORGEOUS! Starry eyed and lovely, perfect for day to day looks or if you want to look a bit more dewey eyed! My skin (on the Catwa Annie head) is from YS&YS at TDR! A bargain if ever there was one, and hair is by Truth ❤

Crown me your Queen

Crown me your Queen

It was about time to cycle my head again, I went back to Genesis Labs Amber as it was what I wanted for this pic, with it’s demon eye and tongue option (god bless you, Genesis Labs!) I also wanted to look cute, but a little deadly. Charm helped me out with the cute, and well, the demon kinda is the deadly bit but also the cute/spiky crown from Damselfly which is optional with the Aneko hair SO THAR YOU HAVE IT!

Happy Sunday!


Hair: Damselfly | Aneko @ Wayward Events
Eyes: Genesis Labs | Amber
Skin/Makeup: Genesis Labs | Amber
Collar: Charm | Runas Bow Collar | Silver/Black @ TDR

Head: Genesis Labs | Amber
Body: Maitreya | Lara

Pose: !bang

LoTD – My Heart is Yours + More!

Happy Friday! A little LoTD here and some goodies from The Arcade ❤

Belleza @ Arcade - Sept 14



The Belleza Skins – Emily – from The Arcade are STUNNING.  They all come with brows, freckles, moles, hairbases etc and the bottom three are the very basic/bare rares and the others are all commons!  As you can see there is a lovely array of makeups from stunning reds, plush pinks and barely theres.   I adore these.    The rares come with freckles, and it’s nice to see some basic rares, sometimes fresh faced is best!

I also used Emily and based my LoTD around her.  With a gorgeous and sexy dress and shoe combo from Hucci, hair from Ploom and various other bits and bobs all listed in the full credits… this look left me feeling cute AND sexy, which is always a win.  Both the Dress and Shoes come in an array of colours, and as usual with Hucci of the course the shoes come with a collection HUD so you can mix and match the various parts including bow, sole, piping etc.   I am happy with this look, it’s making me want to go out and partay! ❤

LoTD - My Heart is Yours


Hair: Ploom | Pea V2
Skin: Belleza | Emily | Makeup 1 RARE *The Arcade*
Eyes: IKON | Kaleido Eyes | Crystal
Septum Ring: Swallow | Septum Ring | Silver | 3 *TDR*
Necklace: Cae | Love Lock
Dress: Hucci | Salado | Midnight
Shoes: Hucci | Fayette | Prime Collection

AV Enchancements

Hands: Slink
Feet: Slink High
Appliers: Wicked Peach | Meow *Oneword – previous round*

Pose by Ploom

*SLURLS are on the Store Locations page

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.. and Happy 25 Days of Poses to YOU!

One of the people I admire most in the pose making world is Adorkable Peapod, she’s so nice and positive, always on hand for a hug or just to pep talk you and I don’t bother her nearly as much as I’d like to.  She’s beyond generous and is one of the most lovely people I know, and that I’d like to get to know better.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 1-5

Every year she does a whole 25 Days of Poses, where you get a free pose every day and if you miss them, they are sold for a discounted price afterwards, here are 20 of the 25 along with a few different looks.   The first 5 I paired together with a gorgeous Group Gift from Happy Undead!  A really gorgeous knit dress, together with some new Ruby slippers from AlaskaMetro.   I had to wear the new Exile hair for My Attic cos it comes with Tiara pin and it’s my BIRTHDAY, therefore I am a princess, duh.   The skin I am wearing is upcoming from Essences for TDR Fusion, so be ready for that!

The next poses I am again wearing Happy Undead!  This is their Tube Dress in Candy Cane!  Paired with the Red Combat Boots from Monso that you can find at Collabor88, this is a kick ass christmas look!   I topped it off with new Red Mint hair with a bit of a windswept look and the gorgeous new skin from Adam N Eve, but more about that below.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 6-10

The next 5 I have tried to show from a few angles, so that you can see the awsesome work that’s gone into the new Blueberry Cardigan.  With a lil cute bow and hood at the back it’s the perfect cozy knitwear for your wardrobe.  I wear a Shabby Cat dress underneath it that now comes with appliers for your e-boobs!   Topping it off with one of the 12 days of Christmas hairs from Ploom and the most gorgeous skin from Essences upcoming for the Capricorn Zodiac!   I can’t forget the boots, new from Ispachi and some of the best boots I’ve clapped eyes on.

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 11-15

For the final five I went for a bit of a bright look with a billionty things going on!   My hair is another12 days hair from Ploom, this time a more quirky style!  It’s paired with one of the three skins available from Al Vulo for the Holidays, all three of which you need.   I’m wearing the Leather Skirt from Blueberry that was released along with the cardigan above and under that the Shabby Cat dress again, but in a pink this time!   My top is from Phosphenes and is the new Ombre Dip sweater, shown here in a vibrant yellow but available in other colours too.    To top it off I have some of the new Waist High Tights from Izzies on, available in both a natural and colours pack these babies are to die for!   I couldn’t take my Ispachi boots off either, so you get them here in black. PRAISE BE TO THE HUD!

aDORKable - 25 Days of Poses & Look 16-20

Finally here is a quick peek at the Meghan Skin from Adam & Eve I mentioned earlier!  This is tone 2 and all of the makeups, aren’t they beautiful?   Definitely a more “real” feel to this skin than most of the skins I wear.  She comes with oodles of options, tattoos and layers for cleavage, freckles, dimples, eyebrows and more!   I really love the makeups in this pack from the cat eye and ruby combo to the peachy lips and pink eyes.  So gorgeous!

New @ Adam & Eve | Meghan

*SLRULS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page!

Plethora of Pretties!

Hellloooooo!! I am desperately trying to catch up on my blogging, how can someone blog once a day and still feel behind!? Because people release so many wonderful items!  My blog folder is a mile long, so this post is going to be kinda huuuuuge! I’ll keep the wiffle waffle to minimum incase you actually do read the post, and just throw pictures of myself at you 😀

First we will start with a simple Look of the Day!  Sakide have this lovely Frost outfit out, and there is a matching mens set too (sans skirt :P), it’s mesh, it’s pretty and intricate lace, it’s just lovely!  It comes with mittens and scarf and of course with various sizes of mesh skirt/collar etc.   I’m also wearing the gorgeous new PXL VIP Skin!  Faith Old Hollywood is a grey skin with a gorgeous pop of ruby red lips, perfect for your monochrome shots, which I kinda achieved here, except with the lips and hair!  The hair is also new from Lamb, one of two fantastic styles!

Winter @ Sakide

Over at Pixel Mode, now Tya has finished building the Oz sim (blogged just before this post – Strangelings!) she has started releasing again!  I spoke to her last night in world and she said she wanted to get some holiday releases out, and just look!  SO MANY SCARVES.. and Mittens! CUTE MITTENS!   The first picture showcases the colours available in both the mittens and scarves, the basic, no frills colours… just knitted (or suede for the mittens) goodness!

Winter @ Pixel Mode - Scarves

This picture showcases the mittens in all their meshy glory, and the not so plain scarves!  There are stripes, leopard spots and checks in a variety of colours.   I really love these scarves, they are simple but do the job wonderfully, they also come in 5 sizes, which I didn’t realise before I’d shrunk my chest, so if you’re a bigger chested lady, don’t worry, this is the smallest size and my chest was set to around 30, and there are four bigger sizes, yay!  The mittens are just lovely, the texturing is amazing and the colours are so adorable!  I love the pastels. YAY PM!

Winter @ Pixel Mode - Mittens & Scarves

After I begrudingly removed my PXL skin (however creepy does that sound!?) I popped on my new Essences Skin, this will be available at the brand new TDR Fusion and oh em gee, gorgeous!!  I am wearing the other new Lamb hair in this one and a new mesh dress from Phosphenes, shown here in just two of the four colour available, the dress oozes cute and innocent… of course what it’s doing on me, I don’t know, I am guessing I am totally on the naughty list this year!

New @ Phosphenes

Here are the three makeups you get with the skin, you also get a variety of blushes too .  I really REALLY love this skin, it’s so smooth and natural looking, even with the makeups, it’s just one of those skins that you feel at home in, ya know?  Inka is coming on in leaps and bounds with her skin work and this shows it.  You get a variety of brows too, only three shown here, and I didn’t wear lashes so you could get a better look! GORGEOUS!

Essences @ TDR Fusion

Finally! Cheeky Pea and HANDverk have these wonderful Yule items out at the new Mens Department! I must admit, I’ve never been before.. I think I’ve been missing out! Not everything is for the boys (sorry guys, we like to muscle in where we can), and I must now go EVERY time!  This mesh Antler Tree is just… the best tree EVER! Isla does such great work, and this is no exception… I feel it will take pride of place in ALL my SLhouses this year.  Also something I fell in love with, the Cardboard Head from HANDverk!  LOOK! ITS SO CUTE!! It comes in traditional cardboard with wreath, of this minimalistic white one with just one bauble, the reflection of the head is in the bauble too! I love little details like that, well done HANDverk!

Winter @ Mens Dept

All poses used are from aDORKable Poses, one of the best posers on the grid, in the loveliest way! ❤

*SLURLS, if available, are on the Store Locations Page ❤

It’s a Mans World…

..or is it?  PFFT I SAY!  Kavar just released 3 mens hairs and hairbases to match over at Exile, but I said PFFT! to them being mens and put them on myself, and I think, if I do say so myself, they are mighty fine!

New @ Exile

Sexy Action News, Days Go By and Revolver are indeed all meant for the male of the species, but we all know that women can sometimes do it better… Ok so this may not look better on me than it does on my man, but I sure as hell know that they fit girls just fine!  So don’t be put off, ladies!  Get on over there and Demo your little faces off!  I opted for nice pinky hues in two of the hairs, and a black gold in the hat hair because I wanted to match both the gorgeous dark brows and the subtle hints of pink make up the TDR Essences Maria Skin I am wearing!

So women of the world… GET YOUR MAN ON!   Not literally, just their hair.

*SLURLS can be found, if available, on the Store Locations page 

Inspire Me: Week 1: Wednesday!

So, over on SLBlogger Support, there is a challenge of sorts, it’s called Inspire Me and we are currently on Wednesday of Week 1! I had hoped to make this a daily challenge but I think I will use it for what it was meant for, to inspire you on days where you’re just like.. WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO???

I was sorting my inventory, lost in a sea of UGGGH WHAT IS THIS, WHERE IS IT FROM? WHEN DID I GET IT, WHAT DO I DO WITH IT, and other common inventory sorting woes, and I came across this Trenchcoat from NiNight Designs.  I admit I didn’t know I had it, that is how out of control my inventory has gotten lately, I need some solid time to sit and sort, and I got a fair bit today in a short amount of time, so all is good!  Anyway, I thought this coat would fit in perfectly with today’s inspiration theme:  Favourite Things to Do on a Rainy Day!… one of my all time fav things to do on a rainy day, is put on my coat and just walk, walk in the rain… ok after a while I get fed up of being wet and I might put my umbrella up and eventually I will think WTF I HATE RAIN… but the sound of rain comforts me, it soothes me, and I like to just wander in it, of course it soon gets tiresome, like one day of rain a month is enough to fill up my quota thank you very much, but it’s still one of my fave things to do on a rainy day: go for a stroll, all wrapped up and cosy.

Inspire Me: Week 1: Wednesday

Also seen in this picture are the TDR items from both La Gyo and YS & YS!  The skin is a pale beauty and comes with half body freckles, which I put on to give me a slightly more innocent look, the pearl necklace is a beaut! A timeless classic.   The hair you can see is the Alice Project Grace Hair, it’s a HUNT gift and is situated in the main store and comes with two colour huds!! Do love me a gorgeous freebie hair, especially Alice Project ones with all the HUDs I own! YAY!

So there you go, this was my inspiration for today, thanks SL Blogger Support for a wonderful idea! ❤

Any SLURLS can be found on the Store Locations page


LONG old post for you guys today, picture heavy so bear (bare.. whatever floats your boat) with me! ❤

Truth release 3 new hairs yesterday!   All rigged mesh, all beautiful.  There is an over the shoulder braid with a bouffant looking back (wish I owned this much hairspray in RL! to get this look to stay!), a really gorgeous, longer style whimsical high pony, a very full pony with curls and whirls and general beauty!  and finally a sleeker style with bangs across one side of the face and cascading down in a gentle over the shoulders style.   Three different styles but all well worth buying!

New @ Truth

Exile also released 2 new hairs!  A bit of a fuller style on the left, with longer over the face bangs with a hint of a windswept feel to it! and then a pony/updo longer style with a centre style bang look going on.  As you can see I am STILL rocking the new fade textures from Kavar, I love them!  Both styles are very different but both could totally work as a classy or casual look.  I chose to wear both my styles (and Truths) with a jumpsuit I got at Limited Bazzar that I just couldn’t resist, and below I am wearing the GORGEOUS new Essences skin available at TDR for a STUPIDLY reasonable amount (as with all TDR items!).   She’s really striking, but beware it only comes with black brows AND complete with beauty marks, so please demo unless you have your own! 😀

New @ Exile & Essences for TDR

Now we have a HUMUNGOUS release from coldLogic, I could sit all day and still not have finished writing by bedtime about ALL the goodies on offer, so I have done a few collages to try and showcase at least one of each pack available (I think I missed a couple, SORRY.. there were soooOoooOooOoOooOoo many pictures for me to sift through!).

ANYWAY…  The three skirts available are fooking awesome!  Three different texture styles, these skirts look like mini wraparounds and are so adorable!  The folds and wrinkles on them are wonderful, of course the new jeans (right hand side) are adorable too, although they do come with a front pleat that makes it look a bit like my mums been going through my ironing and tried to put a crease into everything, not really my style with the crease/line at the front but VERY adorable, and they come with 2 styles of cuff!    Two new longer styles of trouser too, not in a denim texture, a bit more like comfy pants/chinos!

New @ coldLogic - Skirts & Pants

There were more trousers released too. I fell in LOVE with the legging/skirt combos, I truely adore these.  They come in three different sets and make my ass look peachy, which is always a bonus.  I am really going to love these as you don’t find a lot of mesh leggings/skirts/tops that all fit together nicely! WEEEE!  The other styles (and I think I missed one of these) released were a sorta cargo style pant, with cute lil ties at the ankles and really detailed zippers, these babies come in plain and camo versions! (the ass is also great kthxbai).

New @ coldLogic - Pants

I think the part of the release that made everyone SQUEE were the Coats!  There are two styles of coat, both in 4 different “types”.  I snapped one of each and you might not be able to tell much difference in each, but the differences are subtle, like the two tone frill on one of the jackets that isn’t there on the others, or the silver buttons on one of the trenchcoats styles that isn’t there on the others, or the tweedy type material on one of them… the differences are little, but there.   These are SO comfy looking, both styles! I love them both.  I just donned some of Izzies new sheer tights undermine, cos that’s how I roll, but they fit nicely over the new pants I posted above, so that’s a bonus too!  There is SO much newness at coldLogic, you need to visit!

New @ coldLogic - Coats

Finally for today (I had to chuck my other half on to get on the pc and he wants it back!!!) The new Alice Project hair available from FAIR!  OH MY GOSH. Alice is ROCKING the hair at the moment!  This hair comes in the usual infinity style so you can colour it with any HUD you own that works with the system, and you get the hair, the bangs and the braid/headband as separates, so you don’t have to wear the styles same at all! They also come in rigged and unrigged versions. YAY!

New @ FAIR - Alice Project

You will note in a few of the pictures I am wearing Faith from PXL! Well… starting Saturday SLT and lasting for one week ONLY the Faith skin and all the make ups will be on sale for PXL VIP members at a 25% discount. **PLEASE NOTE THIS IS VIP ONLY**… You need to tp to the VIP Group Room to get the discount on your skins, buying in store won’t work for you. The sale lasts only seven days and the group discount will only apply if you ensure you are actively wearing your tag! Faith is the latest PXL skin and a very beautiful one, even if you own the skin it’s a good chance to get some more makeups, I know I will be!!!

All SLURLS are found on the STORE LOCATIONS page which you can click on at the top of this blog

Friday Night and…

something or other!  I am blogging, not sure if i’ll be around much this weekend, my 4yr old has a “graduation” ceremony at nursery! LOL… so we will be there most of the day! 🙂  Just a few more bits and bobs I snapped today while I had some “me” time!

First up we have a new skin from My Ugly Dorothy! This is Heather.  I’ve shown her in the “Salmon” tone, but you can find two others in store.  I love how fresh these skins look, not over processed, just.. natural, blemishes and all!   They come with both lip and teeth skin options, and I’ve shown a mix of both.  You get tattoo layers for eyebrows too!   A really really nice skin for those of you that like a more natural/hand drawn look to your skins, kinda cutsey/young looking, love it on me, although it’s a bit different… I really do think it’s amazing how different a skin can make you look!


Next we have two new Truth hairs!  Meet Elsa and Soleil!  Elsa is the only mesh style this week, Elsa is just plain ole prims (feels weird saying that!)  Really love the side bun on Elsa, very cute looking!  Soleil is a lovely hair too, although I found it a bit big on me and had to resize a lil, but it still looked heavy on my head!  Really pretty large up do tho, wish I could get my hair to stay like either of these styles all day!!  Top is from Ingenue for FLF and is lovely too!

New Truth Hair

Next we have some Glam Affair goodies!  The new TDR just opened up and this is the skin you can find there this time around, GORGEOUS!  Really natural looking with some heavy blush and all for just $L70 or something insane (I think it’s that, I just click and buy now like a machine!).  The top is also GA, and is available at Collabor88.  I found the sizing a bit odd on me, my hands poked out through the sleeves like my arms needed to be longer, but I fiddled and faffed and made it work, because it’s just TOO pretty!

Glam Affair

Now, Cheeky Pea and Funky Junk for FLF!  I love furniture for FLF, hell, I love anything for FLF!  The Cheeky Pea Memories Mirror is gorgeous, it comes in three different styles, and of course you can add your own pics instead of the ones it comes with, you can see me creeping on Isla in this picture :D.   The Funky Junk Vintage Sideboard is another classic too! As you can see i’m leaning toward the drinks. HICCUP!

50 Linden Friday for the Home!

Finally we have a sneak peak from the Fashion Voodooevent that starts today at 6pm SLT! Belleza is one of the sponsors and has a skin out which is being sold with gorgeous smokey eyes and 5 different lipsticks included as well as smeared mascara on tattoo layers, you get two different mascara tattoos, but I put them together in one of the pics for a more dramatic look, not everything is shown here but a good start!  You get cleavage tats/underwear layers too, 5 skin tones are available and each is $L1200

Belleza for Fashion Voodoo

Also there will be Shabby Cat with these wonderful mesh tanks complete with winged skull, and an array of fantastic items from The Plastik, one of which is this skirt, which fit like a fookin GLOVE and I love… as well as more, but I’ll get back on and show you more of those later ❤

Fashion Voodoo - Belleza | Shabby Cat | Plastik

You can click all the store names to TP to where you can find their items (or the event name!) Happy Friday and have a great weekend, everyone ❤