Hello there!

Hi guys, it is probably no surprise to anyone that knows me, but I have decided to step away from SL and blogging a bit more, except for on a casual basis.

It hasn’t been an easy choice to make and some may say WHY CHOOSE??? Well, that’s just me, I worry about everything and if I have nothing to worry about I just find something! 😀

I will still log in, I will still blog, but after a stressful few months that has seen me have some issues in RL, get a new job, study hard for an upcoming exam and generally try and better myself in many ways, and start enjoying life again, I have decided one of the biggest issues I faced was anxiety about SL, forcing myself to log in and do things and my passion and heart was waning for it all.  It’s been brewing for a long time, after all, I have been in SL 12 years next month, and I have been blogging for around 11 of those.

So!  Thank you to all the people that have supported me, allowed me to blog for them, read my silly posts, encouraged me, listened to me and just overall been around and there for me, it’s you guys that have kept me here so long!

I’ll be around (I know some of you would be terribly upset if I wasn’t! 😛 – btw, JKS).

Thanks again designers, fellow bloggers and all good eggs i’ve crossed paths with ❤


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